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UPON SHADOWS - 7 Chapters (Shadows of despair and other entities)
Upon Shadows is band definitely worth your attention. Why? There is at least four reasons of it. First – this band is two-girls, uncommon situation, isn’t? – Tamara Picardo and Natalia Arocena. Tamara is brain of band, writes all music and lyrics. Second reason – music of band. I am fan of LIMBONIC ART and I may call “7 Chapters” as “female version” of LA. It does not mean they copy their music or play covers, oh no! We have got album with seven tracks connecting black metal with instrumental and ambient music. Tamara has been using different vocals – depends of lyric and atmosphere – and does it well. Most of tracks has a similar structure – slowly beginning then sudden strike of guitars and battery of drums. In fact sometimes it not fitting and I wish hear some mid-tempo steps between slow and fast part of tracks. In song You will hear guitars, vocals, choirs and of course many keyboards. Also sometimes is too much at once and music become chaos of sounds. For luck it is not common situation but sometimes sounds are overwhelming listener. Third reason to know this band are lyrics – don’t expect standard bm texts like “war with god”, “satan rules”, “everyone love darkness” and other blah-blah-blah. Lyrics of Tamara are intriguing, sometimes very personal (Drowned it tear’s sea/this withered female soul of mine) and are interesting even without connection to her music.
Fourth reason why you should have this album is fact it is… free! Yes, full album is ready to download – check MySpace page of band to get the link. The archive file include not only audio files but also full cover book available to print and put to CD case. Fifth reason is sound quality. Very clear, proffesionally mixed and recorded. Ok, time for conclusion: “7 Chapters (Shadows of despair and other entities)“ is very good album for all fans of “black music”. Of course it is not perfect… yet. I hope next arts of UPON SHADOWS will be at least so good as this one. All the best, Tamara – stay creative!
Points: 8 / 10.


Tiamat - The Scarred People
Let it be clear from the beginning: TIAMAT is one of my favourite bands and I was waiting for next album by 4 long years. What is most interesting with this team – always I could expect something new and discover new areas of music. Good examples of this are “A deeper kind of slumber” and “Amanethes”. But I have never expected TIAMAT will produce most boring album of last decade! Beginning – title track – is not bad but then music starts to be slowly and even when it is going faster, still I am yawning than be excited. Also I could bet most of riffs used in songs I’ve heard before on previous album of TIAMAT. Is Edlund copying himself? Sad but there is no new musical areas to find on this album just like one boring song playing in many different variants. What else – lyrics are really poor and we can see again “angels”, “crystals” and other words using on every album by Edlund. Sad again cause there is many of poor rhymes like “In Hamburg suburbia / With a girl from Serbia”. Wanna more? Check in Internet cause album is definitely not worth to buy.
After first heard of album I thought it is music dedicated to goth-teens loves “Twilight”. After second I am sure of it. After third… no, I don’t see any reason to listen it third time.

2/10 points.


The Infernal Sea - The Crypt Sessions Review.

The Crypt Sessions is The Infernal Sea's second output but this time recorded live (has a good sound for recorded live) and released on tape. Starting things off with a atmospheric intro then swiftly kicking things off with first full track Skinwalker. Skinwalker for the most part leans towards the death metal side of the band instead of the black/death sound of old. A short atmospheric/ambient follows till kicking into following full on heavy track The Circle Closes, more black metal than Skinwalker but manages to sit nicely with previous and following tracks. Once again seperating each track is a short atmospheric/ambient track, possibly not needed between each track but works well enough nonetheless. Finally last track closing this collection is a 15 minute epic Into The Unknown (smelling Ritual Incantation from Call Of The Augur anyone?). Into The Unknown is a brutal black metal feast occasionally letting up for room to breathe until falling into a abyss of noise half way through the song, Alien transmissions? or just somebody needing a new TV? Either way listening at high volume or with headphones on will most likely fry your brain and you will experience great disorientation. Unlike older material The Infernal Sea have seemed to lost their melodic elements like on Call Of The Augur but maybe that is the purpose. The Crypt Sessions certainly counts as a good stop-gap to tide people over until a follow up full length is released, so until then enjoy the call from the crypt.

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus

The Infernal Sea - Call Of The Augur Review.

Call Of The Augur opens with a ferocious battering with the song A Prayer For Cleansing, sweeping away your stereo speakers but if that wasnt enough of a warning then the next track Malevolence Of Our Lord is just a brutal kick in the bollocks. This band evidently knows their music inside out mixing black metal and death metal which doesnt sound like a pretentious hybrid unlike some i have heard, guitarist Jonathan Egmore, Bassist Geoff Taha and drummer James Burke sound tight and formidable crafting their talents together. They have a distinct eastern European sound/feel to their music even though they are a English band, vocalist Dean Lettice reminds me alot of Tomas Lindberg from swedish death metal band At The Gates with his sound and delivery. Each song manages to weave nicely together with fury at times to needed ambience and melodic tones. Call Of The Augur is 37 minutes of brutality with 7 songs which after the whole listen seems to fly by unfortunately but the last epic track, Ritual Incantation, is a good way to close the album, 14 and a half minutes of everything you could want in one song, its heavy, fast and furious until closing the track and album with a ambient soundscape that makes you imagine you are on your way to a hill top ritual in the dead of night via the beach. Ritual Incantation is quite possibly the best track on the album. Certainly a band to watch in the future.


Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.

T.C.F. – Where Madness Reigns

Here is a band that knows how to make really great thrash/crossover metal. This band comes from the Netherlands, and indeed, these Dutchies thrash my pants off! This cd starts with a intro, and after a 28 minute long solo moshpit in my room, I came to the conclusion that I like this cd. I think this band got influenced by bands like S.O.D. ,Nuclear Assault and D.R.I. So that`s a good combination. The vocals sounds good, the instruments sounds clear and the 13 songs are composed and performed very well on this cd. Also live T.C.F. performs very well. I don`t think I need to say more about this album, but if you like thrash/crossover I would say: check T.C.F. out at live gigs and buy this great album if you can!

9,5 of 10

Smoking Dynamite - New Fuses, Old Sticks

This is an amazingly crafted honky tonky bluesrock album with ten tracks containing one ballad, one medium beat and eight up beat tempo tracks.
The outro is the only lyric free track on this album, the lyrics on the other nine tracks are original and smooth just as bluesrock should be. The musicians are all incredibly talented and it shows here. This album is great for everyone from the backwoods of Alabama to a modern cafe in Amsterdam, the young or the old and man or woman it doesn't matter it has something for everyone. And I highly recommend this band if you are looking for an amazing album pick this up and keep by your stereo it works for every occasion.

9 of 10 points


Seventh Eclipse-Veles ep

This is the first ep of Seventh Eclipse, a melodic death metal band from Croatia. I am not that familiar with melodic death metal, but it does not sound bad at all.

The first track I listened to was Dead Inside, that song is very melodic, but when powerful guitarriffs fall in, it sounds more agressive. The melody sounds nice to me, it is a nice opening track.

The second track is Bastards on our Throne, a more agressive track than Dead Inside. A powerful track and pleasant to listen to because of agressive and melodic guitarriffs. Also the vocals are good in this track.

Then track 3 is Veles, also melodic, it has nice riffs but the track could be a little faster. It starts off melodic and after a few seconds I expected to hear a more up tempo track. It could have been better to speed up this track, in some parts, for more variety, it would have been a better track.

The track Into Salvation is a up tempo track, it sounds good and it`s faster than the other tracks. The vocals sound nice and agressive and clear in this track, I like this track the most so far, it is melodic still, and agressive. A very nice track it is and it`s speed prevents this ep from getting boring.

Then a track called Stars 1 starts, a pianotrack that could be taken from a Dimmu Borgir album. I don`t like piano`s at all and i`m sorry, but I skip this track after a minute and a half.

And then there`s a outro called Rain. Could come from a black metal album, a acoustic guitar with rain and thunderstorm in the background. A good outro I think but it`s more for a black metal band maybe.

The music of Seventh Eclipse is good, but more up tempo parts in their music will make their music more varied without losing their identity as a melodic death metal band.

So except for the piano part, all with all, it is a nice ep from this band and I wish them good luck!

7 from 10 points.

Jack the Rapper

Review Plagues of Rhyzyktus/Tenebastulum-The Aura of Purified Hatred split album.
Plagues of Rhyzyktus and Tenebastulum present their music on a 6 track split album. Originally released in 2010 by themselves. And re-released by SpeedSlaughter Productions in 2012. Plagues of Rhyzyktus opens with Wasted Life of Repentance, a brutal death metal song with great riffs and melodic parts, varied with blast parts and slower parts. Terminal Ailments of Existence as 2nd song, also very varied with melodic parts,
blast beats and good guitarriffs and solo`s. Sometimes Plagues of Rhyzyktus reminds me of Immolation, really great. 3rd Song is a cover of Dismember, Skinfather. Very good coverversion, and if someone has the idea to release a tribute to Dismember album, this one should be on it! Then Tenebastulum (I just hope it is a temporary split up guys!) finds their way through my speakers to unleash their great black metal to the world... The Frozen Depths Beyond is a fast bm song, cold as ice and without any compromizes. An Eternal Age of Ice is their 2nd track, it has more variety, some melodic parts, up tempo and fast parts, and also sounds very good! Then Invoking My Dark Lord`s Wrath Upon Your Feeble Christian World is Tenebastulum`s last song on this split album. Very varied, fast melodic bm with mid tempo parts, but mainly fast and their best song on this split album.
I hope Tenebastulum will reunite and records a full length album. At the moment, Plagues of Rhyzyktus is recording their debut album so keep checking them out!

9 of 10 points
Jack the Rapper

Review Deviator-Way of Warriors/Hymn to Immortals. (Compilation cd 2011)

Lord Hastner (Dmitry) of Deviator was so kind to send me his cd albums, which are, unfortunately, lost by mail (I assume). So sending material by mail is not such a good idea it seems. But here`s the review of Deviator`s Way of Warriors/Hymn to Immortals compilation album, which contains 14 (!) tracks. The album opens with a piano intro and then the song Forgotten Hope begins, a calm melodic instrumental black/death metal track. Then The Last Day of Mankind as next track, a up tempo black/death metal track which is pleasant to listen to. Then Mighty Black Inner Flame starts with a nice intro, and also ends up as a very nice up tempo track to listen to. Mesmerized by Blood is a fast black/death track that opens with howling wolves... I like it! A very good track, my favorite on this album! Then Raw Symphony of Sorrow, a fast thrash/black metal track that is very varied, and also melodic and instrumental. Undying Darkness is a bit messy (guitar and drums mix are a little messed up), but also a good, varied, melodic black/death song. Then another melodic, instrumental track, To Forgotten Path - Triumph of the Will is a very good track. Thy Blood in my Veins is also melodic and very varied. More or less the whole compilation album continues with varied up tempo black/death metal songs. The last songs Funeral Future Bells, Primordial Darkness pt I & II and Way of the Warriors/Hymn to the Immortals make this album a long journey into the world of Deviator, but with much more to explore in future releases. I think it`s time to do a interview with this band soon!

8/10 points.
Jack the Rapper

Review Conquerror-After Agony
I know Henryk had a lot of work recording and mixing the album and After Agony sounds really good. Black metal fans that know the First Strike and Second Strike album, know what they can expect of Conquerror. It opens with Snakes of Light that is a up tempo bm song with slower mid parts, and a very good opening song. Then Dying Soul as second song on this album opens mid tempo and sounds depressive. Song 3 is called At the Border, and it could be a song of (old) Burzum, nice bm song that has hypnotizing guitarriffs. Land of Fire, the fourth song, sounds experimental to me with ambient parts in it. Song 5 is called Going Far Away, and opens slow, but turns into mid tempo and fast bm, a nice varied song with a
mbient parts in it as well. Way to the Eternity is sixth song that is instrumental and ambient I guess. Then Life and Death as 7th song that sounds like old Burzum meets old Beherit, nice up tempo really great song again. And then Dreams of Agony begins, the 8th song on this album. So far I like this album, but this is the best song. Up tempo instrumental bm, it reminds me of old Burzum again, really great. Next song on this album is Black Ocean, a up tempo song which is varied and has faster parts as well, and sounds good. Then After Agony ends this album. A ambient song again and sounds like a outro and I have to say that this album is really nice and Henryk succeeded in making a very nice bm album i`ve never heard before. The artwork looks great too!

8,5 of 10

Jack the Rapper

Lord Andras+S.F.I. Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus+Razakel Krieg+Lord Forneus-
A Gathering of Four Tyrants 4 way split album Lord Andras opens this split album with Tragedy of a Dead, Twisted Soul. A depressive bm track that wants to make me kill my neighbours and carve a sentence on their chest with a knife... ``There is no hope!``. It opens slow but turns out as a mid tempo bm track with slow and faster parts. Then My Heart Once Sang Aloud as 2nd track starts and it`s a very nice build up instrumental track, slow begin and later up tempo, with variety and nice guitarwork that reminds me of old Burzum. Third track is a Satanic Warmaster cover; The Vampiric Tyrant, and it is a very good one I say! And then 4th track is also a cover, this one is one of Venom. Countess Bathory, a live recording from a song that was played live apparently. Nice one! We drink to that! Then S.F.I. is on this album with track 5; Addicted to Feminine Flesh. A varied bm track that reminds me of Bathory except for the psychedelic and melodic parts in it. Then Lusts and Midnight Moons opens threatening and it is a nice bm track `till the end of it, with slower and faster parts. Then Mircalla Karnstein starts with a guitar intro, a depressive mid tempo bm track that will make your neighbours commit suicide, when you play this track very loud. Then The Dark as track 8, and last track of S.F.I., is opening with a industrial sound or something and ends up in nice fast chaotic bm with variety. But it is controlled chaos though so it`s good. Razakel Krieg opens with Alone I wander. A great bm track, fast and varied. Track 10, Failure (Worthless Life) is also like that, and from time to time it reminds me of Emperor but then without synths. Good song. Then Better off Dead is a midtempo bm track with faster and melodic parts. Also a good song. Then Lord Forneus smacks me in the face with his raw black metal and Ancient Halls of Regret finds it`s way to my ears. Yeah this is superraw bm, no compromizes, listen to it or be sacrificed! A midtempo instrumental bm track, it wants to make me kill my other christian neighbours in a ritual sacrifice and cut off their ears so I can force them to listen to it too. Unfortunately they would be dead then but who cares? Lord Furneus 2nd song is Pentagram of Stoners, raw, varied and evil bm, and I wished I had some stones to throw to christians! A nice cover of Sepultura`s Antichrist is called Anti-Everything and very nice, raw and evil! War Cry is fast and raw and short! Cool! Then as last track a Napalm Death cover... Abbatoir. Do we like Napalm Death? Yes we do! Great track and sounds like evil grindmetalcore. And then the fun is over...
8 of 10 Jack the Rapper.

Review Melancholie-Verlangen (limited to 66 copies tape). Released by Zwaertgevegt.

Here is a review of Dutch black metallers Melancholie, it indeed means melancholy. Drums are done by Kees Teuling (in English his name must be spoken as Case Twoling) and the rest is done by Robbert van Rumund (also you can speak out his name as Case Twoling, but that is not correct). Well, now I will review this tape. The first track Wintermelancholie is a depressive
sounding, 8 minutes long song with whispering in between first and third part of it. It is not my cup of tea. Second track is called Call of Winter. Varied with up and mid tempo parts. 3rd track is called Het Tranenmeer I (lake of tears) and opens with a acoustic guitar, nice. And then with drums it reminds me of the Enslaved song Norvergr. Then the song Verlangen II (desire) as fourth song which is also slow and depressive i`m sure weak christians will kill themselves if they hear this song. Then track 5 has a German title Wenn das Wald Mein Einige Liebe Ist... and it means : When the woods is my only love. A song that could be one of Burzum with synth and whispering and also not my cup of tea, so I have a beer instead and I say... not bad! Sometimes the music of Melancholie reminds me of old Burzum, Enslaved, Ancient and Ulver. No one has to agree with that though. Ah well I just feel melancholic...

7 of 10 points.
Jack the Rapper

Heersch – Blood Must Flow

Heersch is a Dutch rebellion black metal band and this is their debut 6 track mini cd, Blood Must Flow. After the intro, the track Legions of Chaos starts. This albums continues with 4 more tracks; Pillage and Burn, Blood Must Flow, Death to the Modern World, and Butcher of Rats. I have heard the first mix of this mini album, I really liked that version better. The black metal of Heersch has got no compromises, is mainly fast and raw. The guitars sound a little untuned and Max`s vocals are very loud in this mix. But nevertheless, it is a good first attempt and this band will grow and will get better, I know they are talented musicians. Heersch is a young band, in it`s grow period and they surely do deserve all support. Next release of these guys will be a killer black metal album!

7 of 10

Jack the Rapper

Funeral Whore-Step Into Damnation cd 2012

Woooooow!!!! Where have I been, that I did not notice this band before...! I am really ashamed of myself!
Well, better late than never I would say. This band makes very great old school death metal, I am overwhelmed by this album of these Dutchies! Opening track Eternal Genocide, could be a track of Grave! And the whole album is just like that, heavy and low tuned guitarriffs, vocals, great drumming and bass... I am having a one man headbang session in my room I just can`t stop!!! Camp Blood, Wasteland of Corpses, The Bitch Died and all the other songs are fucking good! Faster and slower melodic parts follow up eachother and there`s room for some nice guitarsolo`s here and there. The album has 11 songs in total, and from track 1 to track 11 it is a pleasure for your ears if you like old school death metal! Very recommended album from these Dutch guys and lady. Buy or cry...enough said.

10 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper.

Well well well, here is a review of Darkthrone`s latest studio album: The Underground Resistance. Great artwork decorates this new Darkthrone digipack album. And this album opens with Dead Early, it is a song that sounds very much like, let`s say... euhm...eeeh... Darkthrone! Great up tempo song, great guitarriffs, drums and of course the raw vocals of Nocturno Culto that sounds like a piece of sandpaper that gets rubbed on a piece of wood. Then Valkyrie as next song, a little more varied and melodic than first song and with Fenriz on vocals, but also great. Then 3rd track Lesser Men opens with thrashy guitarriffs, up en mid tempo melodic parts and it`s Nocturno Culto on vocals again. Then the song The Ones You Left Behind begins and it`s a up tempo heavy black metal song and with Fenriz on vocals and bass. And with Melodic parts in it as well makes this also a very varied song. Then Come Warfare, the Entire Doom as next song starts off mid tempo, melodic and is varied with faster parts in between and up tempo with Nocturno Culto on vocals. Then last song on this new Darkthrone album is Leave No Cross Unturned with Fenriz on vocals. A up tempo heavy black metal song and it is also the longest song on this great new album (13:49 mins). A very well produced album this is, no triggered drums they say on the backcover and yeah I can hear that. Varied and melodic, true black heavy metal with a bit thrashy sound, is what you get from this duo! (But for their next album I hope Nocturno Culto does all the vocals though...) Let`s play the damn album again and bang that head!

9 of 10 points.
Jack the Rapper.

This band, Crucifixion BR from Brazil, is a black metal band with thrash influences. A very good combination I say! The bandname is inspired by a Sepultura track, Crucifixion, indeed. The songs are well composed and the sound of this release is very good. This band has got a female drummer, and 2 guys on a bass and guitar. The reason for that is that the guitarplayer and bassplayer can`t play drums and guitar at the same time of course. The 1st track is Eternal Judgement, a very nice opening track that promises us a great bm track after the intro. And indeed, it is a great openingtrack! Fast and sometimes melodic and a acoustic midpart, this 5 minute opening track is a good one. 2nd Track is Crucifixion is a fast track and very well played. Third track of this promo ep is Destroying The Fucking Deciples Of Christ. Also a fast track with melodies that pleases me. A very good sounding ep, I am curious to their full lenght cd!

9 out of 10 points

Jack the Rapper.

Review Conquerror-First Strike

The First Strike of Conquerror opens with Will you Die? I like this track it has got Burzum influences. A nice up tempo black metal track.

The second track is Black Ocean, also a nice track which reminds me of Burzum and sometimes of Bathory.

The third track, Hurricane, opens theatrical, and then it varies in tempo which is really well done. One of my favorite tracks on this recording.

Then Life`s a Quest opens with a guitar intro, and as drums and synthesizer fall in, it becomes a nice mid tempo black metal track.
It varies in tempo and the supportive synths give the track a spooky atmosphere.

The last track Unnamed Days opens very fast, and is varied, it has a mid tempo part, but it remains a fast black metal track which I like.

8 points of 10

Reviewed by Jack the Rapper

Conquerror-Second Strike

The second strike of Conquerror starts with 12 Thrones, a typical mid tempo black metal track, and I hear influences of Burzum. I like this track, it ends faster then when it started, the tempo goes up and hypnotizing guitarriffs end this track.

The second track is Life and Death, a mid tempo opening and faster parts inbetween which are really great and ensure good variety in the music. I like this track, also Burzum influenced.

Last track on this recording is Dreams of Agony, also a very good up tempo opening in the Burzum way. It gets a little psychedelic and mid tempo after a while and then up tempo black metal that is very varied with mid tempo parts and a psychedelic ending.

The distorted vocals are a little too much for me, I think normal bm vocals would have been better.

7,5 points of 10

Reviewed by Jack the Rapper

Ancient Ascendant - Into The Dark Review.

Ancient Ascendant have in recent times been forcing their way up the metal ladder with past release's The Heathen Throne E.P, The Grim Awakening full length and now time brings us to their latest aggresive output, Into The Dark. Kicking off with a melodic intro track is there to lull you into a false sense of security before having your face smashed in with the brutality of Blood Calls, from this first full track you instantly know that this band is tight as a nuns pussy and know their craft well, followed by the equally heavy Driven By The Dark. The fluidity of songs on this E.P work as well as the niagara falls nicely flowing which is perfectly shown going from a track like Driven By The Dark to Casting The Shroud Aside, heavy, brutal, melodic and at times dare i say it, jazzy, this is what we call controlled chaos ladies and gentlemen. Closing track Under Ancient Stone shows off this bands technicality and skill as musicians and a unit, weaving your ears around these their guitars and drums for a good bashing and teaching you exactly how modern english death metal is done. This band cares not of rule restrictions of music, they nicely blend death, black and thrash metal in a cast-iron melting pot of english extremity and showing the world that, let's face it metal and most of its subgenres would not exist without the pioneering and confidence of people from english shores. The rest of the world need to take notice of the UK's brilliant music at this time and Ancient Ascendant are a shining example.

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.

Following Excerpt Taken From The Band's Website:
Ancient Ascendant are a British based quartet pioneering a unique
brand of song writing based on a solid foundation of black and death
metal, whilst injecting eclectic ideas from a wide range of fine metal traditions. Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP "The Heathen Throne", Ancient Ascendant have shared the stage with black metal monsters 1349, death metal legends Bolt Thrower (who personally invited the band to support them), Rotting Christ, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Blood Red Throne and Aeon to name a few.

2011 was a hugely successful year for Ancient Ascendant, which saw their highly rated debut album "The Grim Awakening" being released by Siege of Amida Records, as well as signing to the renowned Factory Music agency. The focus for the first part of 2012 was to get back into the studio to begin work on the follow up to ‘The Grim Awakening’. The resulting sessions spawned ‘Into The Dark’, the bands latest and most focused body of work to date. ‘Into The Dark’ represents the latest evolution of British death metal standard bearers Ancient Ascendant. Brought to life under the expert guidance of the legendary Dan Swanö (Opeth, Dissection, Dark Funeral, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Marduk etc…) a release which sees the band raising the bar in every conceivable way.

2012 also saw the band completing a successful UK tour with gore metal legends Aborted, playing a packed out Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock Open Air, as well as sharing a stage with the masters of Teutonic thrash Sodom.

Demoniacal-Dwelling in Funeral Mist

This 6 track album by Demoniacal opens with Bleeding for Eternal Darkness. A intro (hard wind, rain and a churchbell and such), nice. Bleeding for Eternal Darkness is a nice opening song. Mid tempo and melodic with nice riffs and raw vocals. Second song is Frostbitten Despair, and I felt like having that, I figured out my beer got warm, I had to put it back in the fridge! Nice song. Third song is the title song, it opens melodic, mid tempo and suddenly it`s fast
and mid tempo again. And so far it is, to me, the best song on this album. Fourth song has a lóóóóóng title, and before I wrote the title down here, the song is already over!
It was called Melancholic Passage through a Spectral Vision. A good song that will make Christians pray to god for free earplugs! Nocturnal Nights Dream begins where the
previous song ended, or it seems like that. Maybe coincidence but well done! Last song on this album is a
Darkthrone cover; Those Treasures Will Never Befall You. A very nice cover it is, it should
be on a next Darkthrone compilation if there will be a next Darkthrone compilation! This journey in the dark world of Demoniacal is like a ride in a roller coaster in hell,
there are some unexpected tempochanges, then slow, then mid tempo and suddenly fast. It are varied, melodic, raw and nice songs I think. And a torment for christian ears it is, even when they are deaf!

8 out of 10.

Jack the Rapper.

Ars Macabra - III

This black metal band comes from Rome, Italy.
And II is, indeed, not their third full length album. But III is! So let`s listen to this ``III`` album, of these Roman black metal horde.
The opening song Cursed Paradigm is a good opening song, fast and furious. Second song Fire of Seraphim is more melodic, also fast and varied with blast parts. Cerum Luciferi opens mid tempo, has fast parts, slower parts, a nice song to listen to. Illuminati is song 4, fast black metal, varied with mid tempo and up tempo melodic parts. Ubique Daemon Ubique Deus is 5th song, also fast with some melodic parts, and this album is really good so far! 6th Song, Panpsychic Khaos, is a very good song, and if I would not know the Mayhem album ``The Mysteriis Dom Sathanas`` that well, I would say it is from that album! Then a instumental song that is about 1 minute and 41 seconds long: Deneb (Alpha Cygni). This song would fit very well in a spaghetti western movie, I imagine a badass cowboy walks out of a saloon, it is rainy and he gets ready for a gun duel on the street, and the badass cowboy wins... Then song 8, Thanatos Project begins, it is also fast and varied and brings me back to reality. Song 9, Manifestation of the Curse is a very good black metal song, and song 10, With the Fires of Titan, is the last one on this great black metal album. The production of this album is very good, the instruments and vocals sound very clear and the mix is done very well. A great black metal album this is and the music Ars Macabra makes, sounds modern, but also reminds me of old Mayhem, Marduk and old Enslaved as well... Well done guys!

9 of 10 points

Jack the Rapper.

Review of Vent d'Automne-Everything is fading away... ep 2012

So here is Vent d`Automne with their 4 track ep, and the (French) bandname means Autumn`s Wind.

Opening song, Escaping the Crowd, sounds so depressive and blows away all your hopes of a better future and existence out of your mind...
Hypnotizing repeating guitarriffs, drums and raw vocals, a excellent opening song. Big City Depression is 2nd track, opens with (electric) acoustic guitar part and bursts out in raw and fast black metal. Later in the song, the acoustic guitarpart comes back and the song ends in fast, raw black metal.The sound of this song reminds me of old Ulver. Good black metal song.
I Dream of Flying Away is also a fast black metal song, with clean vocals this time. I prefer black metal vocals, but it is worthy to try something new for yourself, and there`s nothing wrong with being experimental. A synthesizer creates a gloomy atmosphere, but also this is a good song. Last song Beautiful Urban Panic has a intro and a outro, it is a low tempo instrumental depressive black metal song . A very nice ep from this band that comes from India.

Mørktår - 2013 Instrumental Demo Review.

This 2013 demo from UK elite black metallers Mørktår consists of 2 lo-fi instrumental grim early Darkthrone sounding tracks. Razor sharp hypnotising riff's slice your ear drums with groove drums pounding away in the background creating a desolate and empty ambience. This style of black metal wont appeal to everyone but then its not called "Elite Black Metal" for nothing. As a piece of instrumental work it stands its ground and has place in the Mørktår bullet chamber nicely but my only complaint from a personal perspective is that 2 songs isnt enough to satisfy the appetite and Thrym Mørktår's signature burzum-esque shriek is sadly missing other than that this is a nice piece of english underground bile. After a string of consistant demo's its certainly time for a Mørktår full length album.


By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus

Fenix is a solo Project of Lucia Ponticas. The latest album Ab Intra was

released April 7th 2013 it has 11 tracks: Lunacy&Joy, Leap of Faith,

Outsider, Human, 17, War, Sand, Trust Issues, The Beast, Traveling, And

New. All vocals, lyrics, music, mixing and mastering was all done by Lucia

Ponticas Luna which makes this album all the more amazing. The electonic

beat and rythme draws you in and keeps hold as a hauntingly beautiful

and powerful voice delivers the deep lyrics with full verve and never once

faultering. This album is perfect for all occasions reading a book in the

town with tea have it playing softly in the background, having a group of

friends for a deep conversation play it, and if you just want to party turn

it up and let your body move. I strongly recommend this album and

encourage you to get hold of it. I really trully enjoyed this album and am

sure you the reader will also.



Arinne Krul-Coats
When We Live-Trying to Find My Way

However this is not my kind of music, I do try to make a nice review for this band, When We Live. It opens with a song, Clear Sky. It sounds melancholic to me and also a bit depressive. I really do kind of like it to my surprise. The song could be from a movie as dramatic backgroundmusic, in a scene in where a innocent man gets executed and during the execution someone finds out the guy is innocent and tries to stop the execution. But it`s too late, the execution took place. The poor bastard, we drink to that... whiskey anyone? Yeah me hehe. Then song 2, Trying to Find My Way is like having a bad trip, third song, Gold Autumn, is a typical song to play inside your bedroom all day when it is a windy and a rainy day. Welcome Home sounds like Indians playing guitar and sing, and I imagine myself i`m in the U.S. and witness this ceremony around a campfire and drink beer, eat beef jerky and smoke the peacepipe on a windy night. Then the demo version of Trying to Find My Way is next, and I like this version better than the one I already have heard on this album. Depressive music it is...

7,5 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper.
Bleed till Dawn-Love Torn Apart ep

This 4 track ep of British post hardcore/metalband Bleed Till Dawn opens with a intro, song 1 as they say. I hear a grunt in the heavy sounding intro, and it sounds promising. In Now You`re Gone, song 2, it are clean vocals, with here and there a grunt. It makes me wish I was gone with a few cans of beer hehe. It is a melodic song with tempochanges, good riffs, not bad. Song 3 is Between Heaven and Hell, not a bad song either, but again clean vocals and grunting. No tempochange at all, unfortunately. Last song, Love Torn Apart, is melodic and just mid tempo like the previous song. I don`t understand why they used grunts, and the clean vocals are not the best i`ve ever heard. For the music I would say it is a nice ep though, but the vocals make this ep lose some points. These guys look young in the picture I saw of them, and my advice to them is to put more aggression in their music and vocals! Of course I wish them good luck with the recordings of their debut album!

6,5 of 10 points
Jack the Rapper.

Coffin Hammer - Purge Of The Patriarchs Album Review.
July 20, 2013 at 9:34pm
Coffin Hammer - Purge Of The Patriarchs Review.

Coffin Hammer are a death metal band from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. Though currently on hiatus i was still asked to review their album Purge Of The Patriarchs. Opening with a winding chug called Post-Coital Feast, this song would probably go well as a army marching anthem to get those fuckers pumped and ready for war. Next up is Pounding The Bloodstained Nails opening with soaring melodic guitars gradually moving into crushing death metal riffage, this song has a nice clean vocal section with a eastern egyptian-esque feel. The third track Morgue Thief is when things start to heat up and get a little heavier which is greatly welcomed but the pace doesnt keep up for long before sadly slowing for a more riff based section and at parts it seems like the intensity will return but sadly doesnt.

The next track Imperishable Excruciation is actually only a 31 second interlude and it is a brutal fucking intense blast of fury but disappointingly is only a interlude instead of a allout blast of extremity which i think so far is what is needed here but no need to worry because the following track Nefarious Demoniac is a beauty! Introducing more extreme guitars and drum work blasting through most of the song with catchy riff's and nice harsh vocals to top off the song til gradually winding down to a bass break section in the song nearing the end then finishing with some nice riffing. Sepultura? no, its not but this next song Pit Fighter starts off with a drum intro which reminds you off Sepultura's tribal influence but this doesnt follow for the rest of the song. This song is a little confusing, various styles in one song going on here, some work and some dont, sections which are heavy and brutal but then sections which are the oppasite with clean vocals that just dont seem to work or fit with this song or the rest of the album for that matter, clean vocals in death metal can and do work but its a tricky one to deal with and sadly this just doesnt work.

Defeat is the following track, another short interlude lasting just under 2 minutes and this interlude actually just sounds like they have enlisted Iron Maiden's Steve Harris to lay down some bass, its a nice break between songs and works well and smoothly slides into the next song Wake Drugs Eat Fuck (comically titled) where the Steve Harris bass turns into Cannibal Corpse's Alex Webster neatly slapping away those strings til nicely flowing into a brutal song, this band certainly knows how to utilise the bass with nice bass breaks. Next song Abomination Woman opens with a nice acoustic guitar intro then a nice transition into a beautiful melodic track with clean vocals, its not quite "death metal" obviously but it does indeed fit perfectly well with the rest of this album and shows their diversity and openness which is greatly welcomed in a band in this day and age, fuck the rule book i say! This band evidently doesnt limit themselves which i give them great respect and credit for. Abomination Woman is quite possibly, for me personally, the stand out track on this album. This diverse album closes with a outro titled Exterminated Without Resistance which is a piece of war audio in the background with a "nice" sounding acoustic guitar piece over the top, a little too nice maybe. Overall this is a fucking good album, some parts dont work or fit but you cant blame them for trying, its multitextured and boring is one thing it isnt. Its sad that they are currently on hiatus because i think if this band learnt and figured out their style more and honed it to perfection then i think they would be pretty bloody good. Who know's what the future holds huh?!


By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.

Band Bio Written By Guitarist Marcus Koury.

"Coffin Hammer is from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. We've played a lot of shows here in Colorado. It started off just being Marcus Koury on guitars and Taylor Riley on drums back in 2009/10. Marcus had written the first songs so it was mainly thrash metal. We met our bass player Alan Davis along with our original singer at a Clutch show later that year. The original singer stabbed someone (victim is okay, not dead) and went to jail, so was not on the first demo. Josh Roseberry stood in and became the permenant vocalist. We recorded our first 4 track demo "The Bludgeoning" with him (all 4 tracks are on youtube). During recording Josh was involved in a motorcycle accident. We almost decided to do the rest of the demo without him, but instead waited until he recovered. We were too impressed with his voice to pass him over. After "The Bludgeoning" (ep) was recorded we began writing new material and doing shows to promote what we had. In 2012 we finished "Purge of The Patriarchs". This album took a year to write, and a couple months to record. We even had a couple friends, who are excellent guitarists, display their talents with 2 guest guitar solos. Drew Collins (from Colorado) on "Pounding The Blood-Stained Nails", and Andrew Mousissnian (from California) on "Pit Fighter". Everyone participated in the writing process this time, so our music evolved from thrash metal to a more extreme sort of sound. More blasts, more technical riffs. It was just a heavier album all over. The Album cover was put together by Bahrull Marta of Abomination Imagery. We are currently all doing musical ventures currently with hopes of getting back together in the studio in the next year or so. But with all the musical ability in the band, staying focused exclusivley on Coffin Hammer can lead to mental blocks. We allow oursleves the opportunity to expand by branching out. Every one of us has another music project that we take part in while in between Coffin Hammer albums. In the end, the metal brings us back together. We always like to thank Colorado Mesa University's 91.3 KMSA college radio, as they have given us more radio play than anyone else we know. But our albums can be found on iTunes, and Amazonmusic. Here are some links to the 4 songs on our demo:"





Infestis-Requim for the Age of God cd 2013.

Here is a review of a album made by Dutch black

metallers Infestis. And indeed, there are really good

bands in the Netherlands! The first song of this album

is To my Inquisitors, a fast bm song with razor sharp

guitarriffs and tight fast drums. Then 2nd song

Prelude sounds like a intro or outro, thunderstorm and

rain during a acoustic guitarpart. Then it Will End

starts off, fast riffing and blasting drums, melody and

raw vocals it all fits well together and it`s a varied,

good song. Then the titletrack... Fast bm and the

drummer is doing a great job here, like a maniac he

blasts his way through this varied song with nice riffs

and slower melodic parts, to end fast. Not too

melodic though, this is really ``not for pussies``

black metal. 786 Is next song is also fast, has a

melodic midpart with guitarsolo, and also this song is

a excellent song. Then Never to Return opens with a

acoustic guitar, melodic and slow soon to burst out in

furious black metal and slower and mid tempo parts.

Again a great song and do I want to hear more of this

album? Yes! So luckily there`s one more song on this

great album; Aidao Domos. No idea what it means but

it is a great song. Varied, fast and then midtempo

and melodic, with thrashy bm guitarriffs. I hear some

influences of old Satyricon and old Emperor as well,

listening to the whole album is a pleasant experience

if you like black metal. I have no complains about this

album at all, it is very good debut album I say.

Infestis is a rising black star!

10 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper.

Svartahrid-Ex Inferi cd 2010 (promo)
What? A review of a cd from 2010? Uhm... yeah! I was going through promo`s and albums that are in my collection. I have never heard some of them after moving 3 times in a row, but here we go because so far this band has no follow up to this album. This band from Norway is really good and this album deserves a review still, even after 3 years...

These Norse Vikings start their assault with a intro called Intro (duh), distorted guitar during choral singing and then song 2, Cursed Seed of the Nazarene starts off with fast and up tempo atmospheric viking/black metal. Nice melodies, good raw vocals and guitarriffs float through my speakers and before I know it, song 3 is already playing. What a joy to hear a band like this. Scale of Worth is a raw, fast and then up tempo song with melody and atmosphere, it is a very good song. Song 4, Veil of Lies, and song 5, Ex Inferi are just excellent. Song 6, March with Us is fast and up tempo, with great riffs, vocals and atmosphere. Song 7, Fire, Hate, Kill! is a real sing along song, and I bet it scares christians to death when these guys are on the streets in their viking outfits and drink mead from out of their horns and swing their swords and battleaxes and yell Fire, Hate, Kill! Great song and so far, I like the album. Blessed by Darkness, song 8, is a up tempo atmospheric and melodic song, varied, and fast at the end. Song 9, Bastard Child must be a song about me! Oh hm damn i`m not a bastard... A varied song with fast and mid tempo parts, a churchbell that chimes in the begin and during the song. Awesome. Lake of Despair is song 10. A fast song, varied with melody and up and midtempo parts that are atmospheric. Then 11 is a outro, and then the rage of these vikings is over and sail home with their loot and mead... A great album of these Norwegian Vikings. I hope to hear new work from them soon (and to review it sooner).

9 points of 10

Jack the Rapper.
Prometheus Rising - The Definition Of Evil Review.
July 31, 2013 at 4:05pm
Prometheus Rising - The Definition Of Evil Review.

Prometheus Rising is a one man band from south

Wales UK and this release is a 4 track E.P titled The

Definition Of Evil. Kicking off with a quick boot in the

face is the opening track Hypocrisy Of Inquisition,

fast, angry and black as satan's shit (i imagine). You

can certainly feel the anger through this song utilising

its use of Venom mentality and norwegian musical

attack. Following on hot on the heels of the previous

track is Machinations Of The Soulless, this time going

with a Carpathian Forest-esque groove style for the

first half of the track till returning to the brutal

attack. Winding razor guitars and pounding drums

swirling around your ear's like a black metal tornado.

Next up is I.D.S/All Men Are Equal (When They're

Rotting In Their Graves) this song is partly a mixture

of tracks 1 and 2 style's but manages to not be the

same. This song has occasional nice melodic aspect's

to it but most noticable is the thundering bass in the

background pushing the song along. Finally closing

this release is a cover of Celtic Frost's song Ground

from their final album Monotheist. Being a Celtic Frost

fan and Monotheist being my favourite album of

theirs, this for me is a good choice. This cover still

manages to retain the originality of the song and

does it justice instead of being hacked to pieces and

ruined unlike alot of covers out there. My only

"complaint" but not even really a complaint, is that i

think the bass isnt loud enough, especially when it

comes to the bass break sections of the song, other

than that its a good cover and overall a good fucking

E.P and being a one man band he has full control over

all aspects of his songs which sometimes cant happen

with more member bands. Prometheus Rising is

certainly a band fan's of black metal should check


By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.
The Projectionist - Now It's Time To Carve The Pigs


The Projectionist are a metal/hardcore band from

cambridgeshire, UK. This new E.P of theirs is titled,

Now It's Time To Carve The Pigs. Baffled by the

name? Give it a listen and the assault on your noggin

will explain all. Opening with a sharp straight edge

boom is first track Kreed Kafer, its to the point and

goes for your bollocks. Musically it is quite a "jumpy"

and "jazzy" track for lack of a better word. It is

difficult to pin-point this bands influences which i

think could only be a good thing. Second track is Hide

From The Facts but hiding is evidently something this

band doesnt do considering as soon as Hide From The

Facts starts it gets violent. Driving guitars and

angered vocals leaving you searching for a wheelchair

after just having your legs broken by the bile

attached to your body. Next up is Carve The Pigs,

police? or actual pigs? who know's but swine aside

this is a more riff lead song which in turn has given

the drums abit more room to breathe and letting

drummer Robert Miller show more of what he can do.

Slightly more melodic in places than the previous

songs but its a welcomed aspect. Final track closing

this E.P is Now You Have Lost Them All. From the get

go this song pummels you into the ground with its

controlled chaos that ensues. Frantic guitar work and

cutting vocals for the most part of the song but

theres also that melodic element showing its face

again here, then whoops, somebody pulled the rug

from under your feet and your on your ass again

leaving you at The Projectionist's mercy. Now this

style of metal isn't really the kind of thing i usually

listen to but from this release you can hear through

the music that this band is certainly trying and have

a vision, so lets hope they keep that vision going with

future output.


By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus
Let It Die/Monolithian Split.

Let It Die are a hardcore/punk/metal band from

Kettering UK. Kicking off with Boredom Inertia a slab

of insane lunacy assaulting your ears from the get go,

this band sounds like a serial killer's thoughts with a

migraine! Theres a heavy dose of extreme metal in

this bands songs and this first track is a good place

to start for anyone new to them. Angry, aggresive

and downright burning your pants off. Next up is

Torture and its a good title because you could easily

torture some emo wuss with this! Filled this

breakdowns and mosh pit potential, songs you want

to bang your head to and smash the nearest person

in the face. You can hear good musicianship here and

they sound tight as a virgin nuns pussy (assuming we

can trust the levitating freaks for being "pure"!).

Last song and only song by Monolithian, a piece

doom/black metal band from Falmouth, UK. This track

is called Emanciate Euthanise complete with fuzzy

guitars and dirty dirge quality. Theres a slight hint of

Celtic Frost Monotheist era in here. It is a slow

burning song to begin with plodding away with heavy

feet (crushing skulls i imagine) in a doom paradise

until just over half way through the song things

speed up and nail you to the finish line!

This is a short but sweet release, maybe a little too

short sadly but it does its job.




By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus
This band comes from Chile, and plays some kind of raw thrash black metal. All lyrics, titles... all is in German, maybe the members are German, or are have German ancesters, I don`t know. A interview will make that all clear, so untill then we have one up, we have to do it with this short review. First song ``Hollzfaller`` is very varied, up tempo and with nice riffs, and the vocals sound good. Song 2 ``Dunkler Anzug`` is more thrashy and has faster and up tempo parts, slower parts, a break here and there, good vocals and the song is varied. Schießpulver und Schnaps is song 3, it sounds varied, thrashy and it has nice riffs. Last song is In Deimen Kopf. The intro is in German and during the song there`s a fire squad execution. Also in German. I don`t understand much of it, but it sounds funny. The song is more thrashy sounding than the previous ones, has nice riffs and varies, it has up tempo and slower mid parts. It does not sound like U.S. thrash metal but has a touch of Venom and of Sodom in it, according to me then. The music sounds good, good vocals, drums and guitars, only the bass is too loud in this mix.

7,5 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper.

DYINGBREED "Death Metal"
Coming of São Leopoldo / RS, the Death Metal band DYINGBREED, though new, has experienced musicians in the metal scene in the State. With its theme focused on violence and the dark side of people, the band seeks to practice sound different, but keeping roots in the old Death and Thrash Metal bands like Slayer, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse etc ... In early 2013 the band released their first demo, "Killing the image of your god" which received a great response in the underground. Also in mid-2013 the band released a new single, "An Eye For An Eye", for which he also recorded the band's first music video.

Ariel Boesing - Guitar (ex-Unmaker)
Felipe Nienow - Guitar (Bloodwork, ex-Empire of Darkness)
Diego Pereira - Drums (ex-Unmaker, Hateworks)
Leonardo Schneider - Vocals (Hateworks, ex-Decimator, ex-Hammerfest)
Patricia Bressiani - Bass (Decimator)
If we analyze what has happened with the bands most recently formed, how they create their albums we realize that all the bands trying to make their songs have a more modern sound possible, which for DYINGBREED is not the issue, they have a rough sound, which leads us to believe that 90 years have been very good for many musicians and much good can be reminded of this time, this EP "Killing the Image of Your God" we note that the first song called "Sentenced to Death "can do sound intensity have a crucial role with the lyrical context, I remember very well that in the 90s bands that worked hard and made albums that after architected seemed unbelievable works for as low structure at the time of recording, today we have this material proves that the public does not need headbanger modernity but tasteful in the creation and design of the material and the bands that are coming out now, because these already have musicians with good influences.
Much of the bands always concerned with the image of their band members in social networks and end up making the mistake of not investing in merchandising, which limits them to comply with their shows without being able to leave positive memory of the execution of their material selling a shirt or even the main thing is that the cd if the interest is in knowing go beyond DYINGBREED leave here the links to contact this formidable band that throws in the 90s!

Horns Up m/


"An Eye For An Eye": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ldJLNkAfns

Facebook official page:


New Penis Christ - Nocturnal Slaughter album review (the band featuring Speed Slaughter owner Jack and manager Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus) written by our new blood Jacob (aka Lord Andras, see A Gathering Of Four Tyrants split album released through Speed Slaughter) Penis Christ - Nocturnal Slaughter Review By Jacob.

With a name like Penis Christ, I was expecting this band to be utter shit. When I received this album, I was ready to spew forth majestically degrading comments before I’d even heard the tracks. I’m glad I didn’t shit on these guys, because the music here is pretty good.

The opening number sets the tone and standard for the whole album. Mechanical drums pound down heavy beats whilst a sharp, distorted guitar growls from beneath. The bass is rather prominent, carrying a thick and dirty timbre under the riffs and adding real feeling to the songs. S.F.I.’s vocals are at their best here, shouting chaotic and hateful vocals with sheer anger. The most prominent instrument here is the drums, and everything else falls down in a hierarchical order beneath them. Unlike most black metal, the sound is truly fast and spews a sound more akin to war metal than black metal, with aggression woven into the tracks. Songs such as "Climbing Fires" express a more punky and upbeat feel whilst still maintaining a sense of hatred within the clashing drums and guitars. The musicianship is tight here, and the songs work well. Production is fantastic: everything is suitably lo-fi, yet simultaneously audible. There’s even a little guitar solo in the first track which fits over the music nicely (despite the fury and atonality behind the guitar/bass combination).

The bands I could closest compare Penis Christ to are Sarcofago and Conqueror/Revenge – though more like a Sarcofago with better riffing, and more like a Conqueror whose riffs are clearer. This is truly powerful, aggressive metal. I have been told that this effort took 3 years to complete: indeed, the three years wait has clearly paid off. There’s not much more to say. The music is clearly unique and yet also inspired. There’s so much going for these guys… I can’t wait for their next album!

By Jacob

After a long day today, I was hoping to get an early night. When I remembered that I’d been sent some material to review, I cursed and prayed that it’d be some decent metal I could briefly describe before getting some shut-eye. Unfortunately, Lovecraft’s Dreams may prevent him from receiving a good night’s sleep.

This album seems to either be really brilliant or really shitty at any given time. Innzmouth seem to have gone for epic-style lengths on the album tracks, but this (as with many of these type of tracks) has backfired, and makes the music tedious to get through. The music itself is a nicely produced mish mash of doomy riffing, synthesizers and big, deep drumming. The album keeps a slow pace throughout: a quality that would be fine if it lasted for one track, but with this feel spread throughout the album it only serves to frustrate the listener. The album is half beautiful and half shitty, so I’ll write a paragraph on each of the points.

First, the good. The riffs are really doomy: dragged out, downtuned and chuggy. They create a decent atmosphere at times, and though generally pretty simple, are enjoyable to an extent. The drums are creative with their fills and beats, and are the main thing that keeps the music flowing and make it semi-listenable. I particularly enjoy the timbre and reverb effects on the drums; they sound like the drums off Bathory’s album Hammerheart. There are a few instances of arpeggiated minor chords used, such as in the interlude of the title track, and these are pretty cool. Bass is audible, though does little more than go with the main riffs. There’s orchestration on the keyboards, which is both good and bad. The good part is that the music is “beefed-up” in places by the keys, which add melody and emotion to the depressive guitars.

The bad side is that in some places, they just don’t fit. This is most evident at the beginning of the title track, where some weird synth pad creates what seems like an excerpt from an “X-Files” theme song above the acoustic guitar. The second noticeably bad aspect of this album, and probably the worst, is the solos. Once again, the title track showcases this best (or worst) – the guitar has clearly either been set up badly or is slightly out of tune. The solos don’t fit in places, and in others just seem too whiny and isolated from the rest of the music. They display pretty shoddy musicianship, too. It’s rather cringeworthy. I’m indifferent to the vocals: they’re monotonous death metal vocals, adding nothing to the music, but not taking anything away from it either. If anything, they serve to push this band closer to the death metal genre; indeed, by the end of this album, one is left with the feeling that Innzmouth are simply a death metal band with some keyboards and a slow pace. In fact, the best way to explain this album is that it’s a more bland, monotonous and boring version of Morbid Angel’s ‘Gateways’ album with shitty solos and attempted orchestration thrown in.

This album doesn’t really appeal to me. Now, I’m off to bed. Let’s hope I have better dreams than Lovecraft.
Hello everyone,my name is Rad and today i'm going to tell you some news from band,called Vulgate. The new EP,called as band,is amazing! I wouldn't like to say that this band and album "sound like". This is their music and theirs ideas. Very beautiful instrumental intro "Transparence",which is a prologue to the main theme - "The Sickening Fanatical Mind",and other songs. As far as the sound in the intro warm,the next songs are teeth-breaking. Melodic parts changing to technical and again,again. This composition is great for me! While listening to the EP i haven't find there proffessional vocal,but for me,proffessionalism without soul is shit. Their vocalist showed me very wide soul. I've heard feelings,emotions,that is great!! I'd like to advice Vulgate to everyone,who wants to listen really GOOD music. There are no just an empty noise. There is SOUL. This album was surely sent to my media-library!! Good luck to you guys,and looking forward to hear your new works. If only you could come to Russia... :) 11/10
The End - You made the Rain Disappear ep.

Here we have a black metal ep and it is a nice one. Lost Memories opens calm, but bursts out into uptempo black metal. The sound of it is cold and grim. A strange midpart in the song makes it all more mysterious, I have no clue what is said in that ``dark ambient`` part. Then the music comes back and it ends with voices, it`s like being in a trainstation. Then song 2 ``Shallow Hearts, Empty Streets`` opens calm too with acoustic guitar, and turns into fast played black metal with some synth in the background. It is varied with slower parts. The vocal activities in this varied song are from someone called Tenebra. I have no idea what she says and screams but I am sure she`s not calling that the supper is ready... Song 3 is called Expectations and features Isabelle Garcet. Maybe she then calls supper is ready. A acoustic intro, up tempo black metal, little varied and again spoken parts that sounds like ambient and it turns in up tempo black metal which ends calm. I did not hear Isabelle say that supper is ready in this song either. I am going to make supper myself then when this song is over. Then last song ``Ashes in the Wind`` opens calm like ambient, a piano in the wind and such. Then fast black metal is what I hear, also with synths in the background. This song features Uruksoth L. and whispers some words, maybe he says supper is ready now, but too bad, I made supper myself already. Finally black metal vocals and fast played black metal that turns in to up tempo black metal makes this song very varied. It has a touch of Burzum in it`s Filosofem period, and I like that. A very nice ep and I had a great supper. Perfect.

9 of 10.

Jack the Rapper.
Bewitcher-Satanic Panic ep review.

I am not impressed that fast, but what this band brings is really good! This 3 track ep from Bewitcher is just awesome. Track 1, ``Bewitcher``, is a thrashy heavy black metal song with great riffs and it is up tempo which turns into fast black metal. It is also melodic and varied. 2nd Song is ``Sin is in Her Blood`` and yeah it is up tempo heavy black metal, varied, and melodic. So far the best song on this ep. Last song is ``In the Night (the Cult will Rise)`` and also nice up tempo thrashy black metal which is melodic and varied. Some parts in this ep remind me of old Iron Maiden and Bathory as well. Great songs if you like up tempo heavy black metal. The sound and production of this is ep is really good, and I am convinced of it that Bewitcher has a great future in sight! I think fans of Bewitched, Bathory and Destroyer666 will like this music for sure, it is a great ep with a touch of old school bm. I hope to hear more of them soon.

10 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper.
Consecration Gut The Priest E.P (2010) and Echoes of The Dead Demo (2013) Review.


Consecration are a Death/doom metal band from Norwich, England.

This review is split into two parts for two seperate reviews. The first being their Gut The Priest E.P released in 2010.

Starting off with the slow Intro titled "The Vine" which is aptly named due to is slowly creeping up and aroun
d you like a vine. Creepy and solemn, a good way to start off this 6 track E.P of death and doom.

Really kicking into this E.P is the first full track title by the band name itself, Consecration. Down tuned guitars, gutteral vocals, chugging away in your ears but theres also room to breathe with the soft clean guitar interludes. Imagine if old Cannibal Corpse played doom metal and your half way there. A song to get people moving at gigs indeed.

Following is Gut The Priest, this E.P's title track. Starting off slow and gentle with a slow burn quality pulling you into a false sense of security and building till that heavy low
guitar starts slowly dissecting your bollocks. A nice slab of old school death metal, proving not only bands from Buffalo, New York and Tampa, Florida can do it.

Next up is The
Ever Dying. Now one thing this band does well is choosing song titles that match the music well becauseThe Ever Dying fits hand in hand with the style of this track. Beginning with a slow clean guitar intro till once again building into their signature down tuned guitar death chug. Now for death/doom metal a lengthy track of 9 minutes and 11 seconds could get too much but with this songs its over before you know it. Certainly not burning the candle at both ends here. Theres variety between the death low heavy riffing and the clean guitar breaks which are welcomed.

Hot on the heels of the previous track is Cast Down For The Burning and in classic Consecration Style opens with a clean guitar intro pulling you into that false sense of security again. Following the intro is a song that carries weight of what could possibly sound like your impending doom whilst being lead to the gallows but just over half way through things really start to kick off making you want to start moshing around your room smashing yourself up!

Lastly to finish off this E.P is the outro, The Vine (reprise) which is basically the same as the intro but why not finish as you started?! Abit baffled by the death metal frog at
the end though?.....haha.

The next review is Consecration's latest release, 2013's demo Echoes of The Dead.

Consisting of 4 tracks which doesnt seem like much but with tracks around 9 - 11 minutes long, its more than enough for a demo and also recorded live during rehearsal (which you if you didnt know that you wouldnt be none the wiser).

This time no intro, just getting straight into it with first track The Vanishing lasting a length of 9 minutes and 54 second which doesnt always happen for opening track but was a good choice here. From the get go it sounds a lot like old My Dying Bride from the As The Flowers Wither era. Down tuned guitars, check. gutteral vocals, check. clean guitar breaks, check. It's definitely Consecration but with a twist and slight difference to the Gut The Priest E.P tracks.

Secondly we have title track Echoes of The Dead. A lot
faster, heavier and more traditional death metal than the death/doom of old. The clean guitar sections are back about half way through but with what came before it sounds kind of "happy" and a bit out of place but works nonetheless. It's a good track and will get people going when played live but a long side older material it could possibly sound slightly odd but in a live enviroment the song could come across in a completely different light so its a tough one to judge.

Next is Purity Through Pain. A real jamming slice of heavy doomy riff's to start until slipping into the newly added traditional death metal again complete with blast beats and fast double bass drums. The drum's throughout this demo are more of a prominent factor than on the previous E.P. Evidently a space of 3 years can change a bands style and approach to their craft. For the better? I'll let you decide upon listening.

Final track is The Visitant, the longest track on the demo lasting 10 minutes and 54 seconds. Not as doomy as previous tracks or older material. A faster pac
e overall and also faster riff's driving the song than the doomy atmosphere which came before but still retaining the clean guitar breaks which make a appearance so often in Consecrations songs which i would say is probably their "trademark" aspect. It's a grooving song full of in-time head banging material but i think that my only complaint will be that it seems to go on a bit to "samey" in the last half of the song with little variation like The Ever Dying from Gut The Priest for example.

First E.P Gut The Priest for me personally is the stand out release out of the two. With Echoes of The Dead it sounds slightly different in style to Gut The Priest and also seems in places that they are moving away fro
m the Death/Doom metal style into more mainstream Death metal which i personally think could be a bad move because Consecration's Death/Doom style is what makes them stand out from other bands in the UK scene and in general, to my knowledge there are not a lot of, if any, other bands in the UK scene which sound like Consecration. Both release's kick your ass and have good musicianship but i would like to see more expanding and pushing of the Gut The Priest formula than Echoes of The Dead but only time will tell.

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.
Consecration 2 part Rewiew of Gut The Priest E.P (2010) and Echoes of The Dead demo (2013)
September 11, 2013 at 3:42pm
Consecration Gut The Priest E.P (2010) and Echoes of The Dead Demo (2013) Review.


Consecration are a Death/doom metal band from Norwich, England.

This review is split into two parts for two seperate reviews. The first being their Gut The Priest E.P released in 2010.

Starting off with the slow Intro titled "The Vine" which is aptly named due to is slowly creeping up and around you like a vine. Creepy and solemn, a good way to start off this 6 track E.P of death and doom.

Really kicking into this E.P is the first full track title by the band name itself, Consecration. Down tuned guitars, gutteral vocals, chugging away in your ears but theres also room to breathe with the soft clean guitar interludes. Imagine if old
Cannibal Corpse played doom metal and your half way there. A song to get people moving at gigs indeed.

Following is Gut The Priest, this E.P's title track. Starting off slow and gentle with a slow burn quality pulling you into a false sense of security and building till that heavy low guitar starts slowly dissecting your bollocks. A nice slab of old school death metal, proving not only bands from Buffalo, New York and Tampa, Florida can do it.

Next up is The Ever Dying. Now one thing this band does well is choosing song titles that match the music well because The Ever Dying fits hand in hand with the style of this track. Beginning with a slow clean guitar intro till once again building into their signature down tuned guitar death chug. Now for death/doom metal a lengthy track of 9 minutes and 11 seconds could get too much but with this songs its over before you know it. Certainly not burning the candle at both ends here. Theres variety between the death low heavy riffing and the clean guitar breaks which are welcomed.

Hot on the heels of the previous track is Cast Down For The Burning and in classic Consecration Style opens with a clean guitar intro pulling you into that false sense of security again. Following the intro is a song that carries weight of what could possibly sound like your impending doom whilst being lead
to the gallows but just over half way through things really start to kick off making you want to start moshing around your room smashing yourself up!

Lastly to finish off this E.P is the outro, The Vine (reprise) which is basically the same as the intro but why not finish as you started?! Abit baffled by the death metal frog at the end though?.....haha.

The next review is Consecration's latest release, 2013's demo Echoes of The Dead.

Consisting of 4 tracks which doesnt seem like much but with tracks around 9 - 11 minutes long, its more than enough for a demo and also recorded live during rehearsal (which you if you didnt know that you wouldnt be none the wiser).

This time no intro, just getting straight into it with first track The Vanishing lasting a length of 9 minutes and 54 second which doesnt always happen for opening track but was a good choice here. From the get go it sounds a lot like old My Dying Bride from the As The Flowers Wither era. Down tuned guitars, check. gutteral vocals, check. clean guitar breaks, check. It's definitely Consecration but with a twist and slight difference to the Gut The Priest E.P tracks.

Secondly we have title track Echoes of The Dead. A lot
faster, heavier and more traditional death metal than the death/doom of old. The clean guitar sections are back about half way through but with what came before it sounds kind of "happy" and a bit out of place but works nonetheless. It's a good track and will get people going when played live but a long side older material it could possibly sound slightly odd but in a live enviroment the song could come across in a completely different light so its a tough one to judge.

Next is Purity Through Pain. A real jamming slice of heavy doomy riff's to start until slipping into the newly added traditional death metal again complete with blast beats and fast double bass drums. The drum's throughout this demo are more of a prominent factor than on the previous E.P. Evidently a space of 3 years can change a bands style and approach to their craft. For the better? I'll let you decide upon listening.

Final track is The Visitant, the longest track on the demo lasting 10 minutes and 54 seconds. Not as doomy as previous tracks or older material. A faster pace overall and also faster riff's driving the song than the doomy atmosphere which came before but still retaining the clean guitar breaks which make a appearance so often in Consecrations songs which i would say is probably their "trademark" aspect. It's a grooving song full of in-time head banging material but i think that my only complaint will be that it seems to go on a bit to "samey" in the last half of the song with little variation like The
Ever Dying from Gut The Priest for example.

First E.P Gut The Priest for me personally is the stand out release out of the two. With Echoes of The Dead it sounds slightly different in style to Gut The Priest and also seems in places that they are moving away from the Death/Doom metal style into more mainstream Death metal which i personally think could be a bad move because Consecration's Death/Doom style is what makes them stand out from other bands in the UK scene and in general, to my knowledge there are not a lot of, if any, other bands in the UK scene which sound like Consecration. Both release's kick your ass and have good musicianship but i would like to see more expanding and pushing of the Gut The Priest formula than Echoes of The Dead but only time will tell.

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.
The Impaler-First Strike ep review.

Here we have the first ep (to my knowledge) of The Impaler from the Netherlands. The death/thrash metal of The Impaler is quite good, I saw them performing in Scum a few weeks ago. The first track, Nemesis of the Vile, is a nice opening song, good riffs with melody, varied from up tempo to fast played death/thrash metal. And as said in my review of the Scream Bloody Scum pre party, their vocalist is very good! My Funeral, the 2nd song, reminds me of Piece by Piece of Slayer when the song opens, but soon it bursts out in a fast played death/thrash song that is varied with slower melodic parts and good guitar riffs. Third song is A Tale of Sand and Bloodied Shores. I know the Vikings were barbarians and they left lots of blood on the beaches. The Vikings had sand in their mead because of the beach, and that sucks! Damn beaches! So yeah I can imagine they killed the people that lived on or near the beach where they came to plunder, abreact you know. I would be pissed too if there`s sand in my mead! The song opens melodic and remains melodic with faster parts. Good riffs and it`s a varied song, however it`s more melodic than the previous songs. Then song 4, In Silence starts and reminds me of Slayer as well. Nice guitar riffs and good vocals, make this up tempo the best song on this e.p. Varied, melodic, up tempo and with faster parts it is the best song on this ep to my opinion. Save the best for last is what the band had in mind I guess.

8 of 10 points
Jack the Rapper.
Incarceration-Sacrifice ep review.
I have seen this Brazilian/German band playing live, and I can say they impressed me. Indeed this band is a killer one, and i`m not surprised that this band seems to be a rising star in the scene. First song is Forsaken and Forgotten, fast played, aggressive sounding death/thrash metal with killer guitarriffs and pounding drums, luckily my room is not too small for a one man thrashpit... What a great song this is. Second song Sarcrifice is more varied but also without compromises, pounding drums and razorsharp guitarriffs, and a solo! So far a great ep this is, if you like this kind of aggressive death/thrash metal, this band is surely what I would recommend to you. Cemetery of Lies is third and last song, and it is a little more varied but the drums keep on pounding, I keep on thrashing, the razorsharp guitarriffs cut my ears and Incarceration leaves me bleeding to death in my room...

Great debut ep and nice artwork! I hope to see them soon again and that they have merchandise with them...

10 of 10 points
Jack the Rapper.

Nailgun Massacre-Backyard Butchery cd review.
Here we have A Dutch death metal band that has risen out of the ashes of Xenomorph. I know the cd is from 2011, but so what. I`m asked to review this album and so I will. The old school death metal of this band is about horror, zombies and more gruesome things. First song is ``Cadaverous Lay`` and it features Paul Speckmann which is a legendary figure in the scene. A nice gore death metal song is what we hear with nice old school riffing and up tempo drums and not too much variation. ``Albert the Geek`` (No it`s not Albert the Greek!) is 2nd song, a song with strong riffs and varied with slower varied parts, that make me think of early Paradise Lost in their Lost Paradise period. Nice song I say. ``Mortuary Meathouse`` is song 3 and a intense heavy death metal song it is, slowly ripping the flesh of your bones with killer guitarriffs. Next song is ``Nailed to the Wall``, and also features Paul Speckmann, and a fast up tempo old school, flesh ripping death metal song is what we get, and that`s the way I like to hear it. A nice one again. ``Jagannatha`` is next song and it opens with marching sounding drums and guitars that play along. A slower death metal song is what we get, it is a very heavy one again, it is varied and a welcome song in between the musical violence I have experienced so far. Next song is ``Spanish Spider``, and I bet it is the opposite of Spanish fly. It is a varied, up tempo, heavy sounding death metal song again with nice riffs. Next song is ``Head on a Stick``. Is it a new snack on the menucard of McDonalds maybe hehe? The song features Paul Speckmann again and it is a faster brutal death metal song with great fleshripping guitarriffs and is varied. ``Zombie Swamp``is next song and seems heavily influenced by Autopsy, which is a big plus. A slow and heavy sounding song it is, with little variety and indeed, it is a song about zombies. It also is the last song on this very nice, but little varied old school death metal cd. Vocals, guitars, drums and bass all is mixed well and has a heavy sound on this well produced album, and I surely am going to listen to it again after a new episode of The Walking Dead... Or any other zombie movie... Beware of the zombies!

9 of 10 points
Jack the Rapper
Nocturno Culto`s Gift of Gods-Receive review.

I heard of this mini album, and of course I got it. Well the music is not that much different than current Darkthrone. Am I disappointed? No, i`m just glad Fenriz does not sing on this mini album haha. The mini album opens with ``Enlightening Strikes``, I hear a noseflute and sound of cans, which are scraping on the floor or something like that, in the intro with more weird noises. Then the actual song begins, midtempo heavy metal with good guitarwork and the trusted vocals of Nocturno Culto. Second song ``Receive`` surprises me, it is a instrumental song. Nice sounding guitarriffs, varied and the song sounds heavy for real, with some solo`s. Then a cover of Universe`s ``Looking for a Answer`` begins and Nocturno Culto is not singing! Is it Fenriz then maybe though? No it`s not Fenriz hehe. It is someone called S.A. Hubred it says in the booklet hehe. So I don`t need to look for the answer anymore, right? The song is a up tempo heavy metal song, not bad but more for heavy metal fans. ``Last Solstice`` is a heavy sounding song, varied with nice riffs and a few solo`s and a nice ending; sounds of crows. A nice varied heavy metal mini album this is; a solo here and there, nice riffs and well played drums,bass and guitar by Nocturno Culto and K.A. Hudbreider on guitar as well. Good production and nice artwork as well. This duo has plans to continue the band, so I am curious to the next album of them already. But as said it does sound like Darkthrone a lot, and also I did grow with them, their sound, so yeah maybe I like heavy metal too hehe. I raise my glass to Nocturno Culto!

8,5 of 10

Jack the Rapper
Reptilian Death’s “The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence” adds a breath of fresh air to the world of technical death metal. Do not let the somewhat generic band name fool you. This cd will kick your ass in every way that it can be kicked. This band is poised to do great things in the coming years and with this album they have a fairly decent foothold and march forth in these 12 tracks to decimate and terrorize your souls and ears like no other band playing this music can do.

Music wise this cd cannot be easily surpassed if at all. The time changes are as sharp as a razor and precise and on point 100% of the way from beginning to end. If you could picture Cephalic Carnage, Origin, Obscura, and Alchemist mixing their styles together, then you pretty much have what is going on here musically. This is also one of those cds that the song structure including vocal patterns, guitars, bass, and drums seem to fit the concept of each individual track. When bands do this it not only shows but it proves them as masters and innovators of their chosen art. All reservations of talent and ingenuity are eliminated when you put this album in and press play. The drums are played with a nice, thick, full sound, while the bass and guitars complement each other with a ferocity unheard of since the early 90’s. The sharpness of the riffs is almost enough to make your ears bleed alone. The bass is as equally thick as the drums and adds even more to the already overflowing capacity of sound. This might sound odd, but the thickness of sound here kind of reminds me of the bombastic tones of Mastodon. It rattles you all the way to the core of your being. The vocal patterns are just as ferocious as the music. Deep, cold and calculating. I spent some time trying to think of what band the vocals reminded me of. There was a band called Cauterizer that released a cassette EP on the now defunct Wild Rags Records back in the 90’s called “Then the Snow Fell”. If any of you obscure metal heads remember this release, the vocals are somewhat similar here. They could also be compared to Ross Dolan from Immolation with chest conjestion from hell. And, yes, the vocals are extremely thick as well. The thickness of the overall sound, though, would not only be due to the playing ability of the band members but also to fantastic production. The production on this cd cannot be beat. Extremely well done. When you have a talented band such as this and a flawless production, nothing but good things can result. That’s what you have here.

So if you guys and girls are into Cephalic Carnage, Origin, Obscura, Strapping Young Lad, Immolation, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, and other bands like these, then you will not be disappointed in Reptilian Death. In all the years that I have been reviewing cds, I will have to say that this is my absolute favorite one so far. It is highly advised to follow this band, get this cd, and support the hell outta these guys. It’s easy to tell that they take pride in their work and they take an equal pride in their fans and supporters. Reptilian Death will infect us all!
Michael Blanchard
Borders - Origin ep Review

Here`s my review for the Origin ep of Borders.
This British, 4 man metal band, comes from the United Kingdom, England and that`s also known as Great Britain!
Not many people know that, my former moron classmates didn`t know and still don`t know I guess hehe. This band combines a few metal styles into 1 and it sounds professional and is well produced. The opening song ``Pride`` isn`t too long, straight to the point, with tight riffs and drums and all sounds good, and I know what to expect, I think. Curious to the rest of this ep I listen to 2nd song ``Liars, Lords and Honest Men``,that opens calm and melodic. When it`s going more up tempo, with sharp riffs and breaks, I miss agression in it. A good song it is though, and it shows that these guys know what they do. Up tempo parts with slower melodic parts and variety makes this song a song you have to listen to more than once to get a grip on it. Then song 3, ``Wolves``, is NOT a cover of Marduk`s Wolves! It has nice riffs, and is it`s very varied, with slower and up tempo parts and I don`t have any complaint about this song. Then song 4, ``Origin``, has tight, short riffs again, is mid tempo when it opens, but goes up tempo right after that part. Too short though, groovy parts follow, and then a nice up tempo part follows up. Very varied, a nice one and also not a song that is easy too get a grip onto. Song 5, ``I`ve built a Throne for You`` has nice catchy riffs and is varied with slower and up tempo parts. Also another song that really takes a few times to get a grip on it, it is techincal as well with here and there thrashy guitarriffs.

Very varied this ep is, and these guys show they are technical and are very good musicians. Just for the guitarsound; a little more rawer (distorted) sounding guitarsound would have sounded better, but that`s my opinion. I am curious to their 1st full length album.

8,5 points.

Jack the Rapper

Cursed 13’s “Triumf” is just that, an absolute triumph! This release is from the same mold of the traditional Swedish death metal sound, with an added thrashy, doom type groove just to liven, or if you choose, to deaden things up a little bit. I have always loved this sound as it incorporates such emotion and passion into it. You very rarely go wrong when you are dealing with a Swedish death metal band and Cursed 13 is no different. Also, even though the sound and blueprint of these songs is traditional in development and delivery. There is a nice crisp freshness to this band that hasn’t been heard since the early 90’s.

Fist I want to touch on the riffs and solos that are abound and plenty here on this release. The straight forward right-in-your-face approach is where the traditional part comes in and the added touch of the ever present “grooviness” of the riffage adds an almost stoner-type vibe to the tunes. This is a very genius approach to the guitar work on this release. I have heard other bands try this but it doesn’t sound nearly as good as it does in the tunes on this cd. The solos are well placed with a traditional type edge to them and they are well placed and played save for one solo at the beginning of this album as it sounds a little “squeaky”. I’m going to say that this was annoying as hell and way over the top. Such a display was not needed here and a toned down, simplified solo would have worked and had a better effect. It totally ruins that one part of the song but thankfully not the whole thing. Other than this one flaw in the solos, the guitar work was pretty outstanding. The drum work on these tunes gives another nod to tradition, and with a few well-placed Americanized sounding blast beats, Cursed 13 gives yet another exciting twist to the traditional Swedish sound. Also, from time to time, you will notice a slight progressive element in the drumming but I think that the use of progressive drum work is becoming so commonplace in other metal sub-genres that it can be easily overlooked. I just felt it was worth mentioning here due to the fact of its unique use as compared to the other elements involved in this creation. The vocals on this release fit the music absolutely perfectly. There is little to no variation in the vocals on these tunes and like I said, it really fits. On this approach it’s obvious the band is going for absolutely brutality and agony. It’s like the vocals are half-way between a gurgle and a rasp. Almost like the vocalist has that proverbial frog in his throat that he just can’t seem to get out. I’ve always liked vocalists with this type of sound to their voice. It makes me wonder how in the hell they get such a brutal sound to their voices. Absolutely phenomenal!

Even with such a brutal and devastating sound, Cursed 13 have a subtle yet undeniable grace to their approach and delivery. It kind of reminds me of the approach and delivery of the band Desultory on their release “Into Eternity”. Some say with grace comes elegance. Well, there’s nothing elegant about this band or this cd, but in listening to this cd, the grace I feel coming from it gives it an almost humbling aura overall. There is an extreme amount of pride here both within the band and in the 11 tracks on this devastating release. This album is a most awesome way to honor the most metal of fans while staying true to themselves, but in retrospect, I don’t think staying true to themselves or the fans was ever in question here. It’s just that I feel like releases like this are what closes the gaps between the bands and their fans. When a band creates a release like this that touches on nostalgia and adds a few intriguing yet subtle elements, it is nothing short of a masterpiece. If you are into bands such as: The Crown, Chaos Breed, Desultory, Entombed, Edge of Sanity, Necrophobic(old), and Séance then you will most definitely want to get Cursed 13’s “Triumf”. A triumph indeed, for the band and fans alike!

Michael Blanchard

Disinterred-MMXIII demotape review.

Here we have another demotape review, and also Disinterred is a band from Belgium. Their music is influenced by old school death/black metal and some punk I guess, it sounds great to me. The first song ``Apocalypse Reckons`` is a up tempo song that has not much variety, but that`s just fine with me. It is a excellent song that just makes me want to go mosh again. Pounding drums, guided by tight guitarriffs, great vocals and bass is what we get, also in the next song ``No Escape``. It is more varied and a bit more melodic, but also a great intense old school death metal song. Then 3rd and last song ``Once Bitten`` is just great and a excellent up tempo death metal song again. Not much variety in their music, but it`s intense, pure, brutal and worth the money for sure! Would be nice to see them on stage with a band like Incarceration. Very nice demo.

9 points of 10.

Jack the Rapper.
Carnal Records is the label that has released Wan’s latest effort entitled “Enjoy the filth”. An extremely dirty, grungy, raw sounding black/death/thrash effort that grabs you by the neck and demands that you, indeed, “Enjoy the Filth”. Everything presented here has been thought about and done a million times over, but what makes this cd awesome is the nostalgic feel and the 100 percent nod to the traditional style of old school type metal.

From what I can gather there are no copycat riffs here but the band is highly influenced by bands such as: Celtic Frost, Warhammer, Hellhammer, Darkthrone, Venom, Rabid and old Slayer. Edgy riffs combined with elements from these bands of influence make for a rather enjoyable listen. There is not really a whole lot to say about the music except that it is played in the traditional style the way the aforementioned bands played it back in the day. The vocals are a raspy, throaty type vocal that fits with the music really well and is where, I would say, the death/thrash influence comes in to play. What makes this cd really enjoyable is the production and overall feel.

To me, it seems like this cd is a little under produced. But, this does not hinder the album in the slightest. In fact in enhances the overall feel. In many ways this sounds like a demo rehearsal recorded in a home studio. Yes, there are elements of production here, but I think the way this came out is absolutely perfect. If you want the maximum effect for an album like this you do not want to over produce it because it will sound too “polished”. In fact, under producing it would have a more desired effect when all is said and done. I don’t know if this is what the band had in mind or if it was accident. But the overall feel of this album is enhanced 10 fold by the dirty, gritty, cold feel of the production or the lack thereof.

This cd is my first introduction to the band, and while, at first, I wasn’t too impressed by it; it has quickly grown on me as I know appreciate it for what it is. A horrific, ungodly trip down memory lane to when metal was about metal, and about spikes and leather. Not to mention the sheer brutality that that era introduced us to. That era will be duplicated but it will never be equaled, however, Wan come pretty damn close.

It definitely doesn’t take a genius to write and create songs of this nature, but it is clear that Wan are well within their comfort zone and seemingly have no need to conform to the atrocities that some dare to call metal nowdays. I will admit I like a little variation in my extreme metal but there are times when I want the old school sound and feel. And in the current state of metal and in this genre in particular it is clear that Wan are near if not at the top of the food chain. By the end of listening to this cd I totally understand what they meant when they titled this album “Enjoy the Filth”
Michael Blanchard

I had never heard Exhumer before listening to this cd. At first I didn’t think I was going to like this cd because there are so many bands doing the gore thing now and I thought this was going to be just another band jumping that bandwagon and riding it off into the horizon. I am very pleased to say that after listening to this cd, my attitude towards this band did a complete 180. It’s not every day a band playing music in this particular genre can be inventive and push the boundaries of a style of music that sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish between different bands.

What makes this band so unique is their approach to this type of music. Most bands go for the shock value and just try to make people sick with unadulterated vulgarity. Well, these guys as no different, however, there is such a frightening, horrific vibe in these songs that is actually scares the hell out of you at the same time it’s making you sick. It gives you that feeling deep in your gut of an imminent horror as you come to grips with the fact of mortality. This really sends this cd over the edge in that respect. There is use of a keyboard in some parts of this cd which just adds to this feeling. It’s not over done, but only strategically placed where it will have the most effect and believe me, once you hear this cd, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The guitars are thick, yet sharp and precise, and somewhat reminiscent of the sound on Cannibal Corpse’s “The Bleeding” with a more gore grind edge to them. It’s a really good sound for the material presented here. I wouldn’t say any of the riffs are similar to those on that album, but it’s just the vibe I get listening to it. The influence is definitely there. It’s nothing really new, yet, it is an innovative approach for this type of music. The drums are really in your face on all of these songs. It’s almost like this guy is trying to do his best impression of Hellhammer from Mayhem. I would say that it’s a safe bet that there are triggers on the drums and it is a bit annoying at first but it quickly grows on you as the drums, bass, and guitars quickly blend together for an extremely sickening, yet well-developed slab of death grind. The vocals on this cd are probably the most predictable aspect of this cd. They are brutal as hell and I am extremely thankful that the vocalist stopped short of the played-out pig squeals. So, even though the vocals are somewhat predictable, it was still a unique approach, leaving out this annoying vocal aspect. In doing this, it gives the album more of an overall death metal feel than it does a grind feel. All elements for both are there, but by making ever so slight changes to the construction and delivery of this material, this could be one of the standout cds of this genre for this year.

If you are into bands like Cannibal Corpse, Lust of Decay, Origin, Nasum, and Gorerotted, then I would say it’s a pretty safe assumption that Exhumer will have a place in your metal collection. If these guys keep designing and creating music like this, they will indeed have a long lasting career. It’s also pretty safe to say that Exhumer can definitely outshine other bands playing this type of metal just from their innovation and approach to this art. You just cannot make music like this by throwing riffs, solos, drums, and vocals together and hope it fits. There is a method to their madness because their method is what makes them absolutely mad!
Michael Blanchard
Imprecation-Satanae Tenebris Infinita cd review.

Brutal and raw black/death metal from Houston, Texas is what we have here. Together with bands like Demoniacal Genuflection and Infernal Dominion, the scene there seems to be good, or becomes a very good one. This band is active for a long time already, they released a demo called ``Ceremony of the Nine Angels`` way back in 1992, and some more material during the band`s existence.
The album opens with a fast and brutal song, ``Blood Dominion``. It is varied with slower and up tempo parts and some synths in the background, but really, a good song. Raw and fast black/death metal in the way I like to hear it. Second song is ``From the Fiery Temples`` and opens slow and threatening, it builds up, mid tempo and up tempo parts follow up eachother, nice guitarriffing and before you know it, the song is over. Third song is ``Hosanna Ex Inferis`` and is also varied, has fast parts and a guitarsolo, it all sounds fine to me so far. Song 4, ``Angel of Salvation`s Doom`` is a fast brutal song with great riffs, it`s varied and has slower parts. ``The Coils of Eden`` starts as a up tempo song, varied with atmospheric doomy parts and becomes a very great fast black/death metal song. ``Chapel of Rotting Flesh`` is song 6 and a very, very good one. So far the best song I`ve heard on this great album. Very fast brutal black/death metal with great guitarriffs and enough variety and atmosphere. ``Rancid Blood on Blackened Thorns`` is 7th song and it`s a fast one. It looks like the band kept the best for last. Brutal fast black/death metal varied with melody and slower parts, it`s a pleasure for my ears. Song 8 is ``Of the Black Earth`` and it`s very varied, has slower doomy parts, up tempo parts that follow up with a fast part here and there. Song 9 ``Carrrion Winds of Golgotha`` is the last song on this album. It is thunder with rain and wind while a synth plays demonic tunes, it sounds like a bored kid in the Netherlands that`s playing synths outside in typical Dutch weather. Just kiddin`it is a very, very good and varied raw black/death metal album by these Texan black/death metallers!!!

9,5 of 10 points

Jack the Rapper.

Infernal Dominion-Salvation Through Infinite Suffering cd review

This is a extreme death metal cd from the year 2000, but it got my attention past year. The band reunited and I saw them play live past year... So it is fair to do a review of this album, to my opinion.

Infernal Dominion plays extreme brutal death metal and comes from Houston, Texas. The first song ``Rejoice in Ancient Wisdom`` opens dark and threatening, goes up tempo, and then we get very fast played grinding death metal, with tight guitarriffs which are sharp as razorblades with blast beat drums and slower parts and good death metal vocals/grunts. That counts for, in fact, all songs. Second song ``Purging Purity`` is a varied brutal song that has great riffs with breaks here and there, and third song is the titlesong. ``Salvation Through Infinite Suffering`` is a fast, extreme, death metal song which is varied, and I realize the album is not only brutal, but very technical, the band is really doing a great thing. Fourth song, ``Embrace thy Befallen Misery`` is also varied, fast blast beat parts, slower mid tempo and doomy parts, and then fast again, and so far I don`t have a reason to complain and enjoy this album. Song 5, ``Marching Through Waves of Holy Bloodtide`` is a song that has threatening riffs when it opens, it turns into blast beat death metal which has slower parts and ends in fast played extreme death metal. Song 6 ``Gutted Children of Faith`` starts off fast and gets faster, has a slower mid part but turns into fast played death metal, varied and technical, and song 7, ``Toward Infernal Dominion`` is also great. Blast beats, great guitarriffs and great vocals and variety make this song also a very nice one and my impression about this album so far is very positive. ``So Far Gone`` is song 8 and the last song on this brutal death metal album. It opens melodic, doomy, with nice guitar riffing and it`s building up and goes up tempo, but is not as fast as the other songs, just in the end of the song there`s a blast beat. A varied, technical brutal death metal album this is for real. It shows craftmanship and these guys still know how to make great music nowadays.

9,5 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper.Infernal Dominion-Salvation Through Infinite Suffering cd review

This is a extreme death metal cd from the year 2000, but it got my attention past year. The band reunited and I saw them play live past year... So it is fair to do a review of this album, to my opinion.

Infernal Dominion plays extreme brutal death metal and comes from Houston, Texas. The first song ``Rejoice in Ancient Wisdom`` opens dark and threatening, goes up tempo, and then we get very fast played grinding death metal, with tight guitarriffs which are sharp as razorblades with blast beat drums and slower parts and good death metal vocals/grunts. That counts for, in fact, all songs. Second song ``Purging Purity`` is a varied brutal song that has great riffs with breaks here and there, and third song is the titlesong. ``Salvation Through Infinite Suffering`` is a fast, extreme, death metal song which is varied, and I realize the album is not only brutal, but very technical, the band is really doing a great thing. Fourth song, ``Embrace thy Befallen Misery`` is also varied, fast blast beat parts, slower mid tempo and doomy parts, and then fast again, and so far I don`t have a reason to complain and enjoy this album. Song 5, ``Marching Through Waves of Holy Bloodtide`` is a song that has threatening riffs when it opens, it turns into blast beat death metal which has slower parts and ends in fast played extreme death metal. Song 6 ``Gutted Children of Faith`` starts off fast and gets faster, has a slower mid part but turns into fast played death metal, varied and technical, and song 7, ``Toward Infernal Dominion`` is also great. Blast beats, great guitarriffs and great vocals and variety make this song also a very nice one and my impression about this album so far is very positive. ``So Far Gone`` is song 8 and the last song on this brutal death metal album. It opens melodic, doomy, with nice guitar riffing and it`s building up and goes up tempo, but is not as fast as the other songs, just in the end of the song there`s a blast beat. A varied, technical brutal death metal album this is for real. It shows craftmanship and these guys still know how to make great music nowadays.

9,5 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper.
Insect Warfare+The Kill-The 48 Second Flexi 7``

Here is a review of one of the shortest 7`` ep`s that I know of. It is originally released on tape in 2008 and available on vinyl (500 copies red vinyl) since July 2013. Yeah I know that ``You Suffer`` by Napalm Death is shorter. The song Z.M.M. by Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors is even shorter than that... But that song is not on a 7`` ep yet hehe. But what can I say about a unknown song of Houston`s Insect Warfare that is featured on this 7``? Not much, but if you know Insect Warfare, then you know you get good grindcore on a high level. Even if it`s for just a second or 17! Tight guitarriffs and insanely fast, technical drums and screamgrunts is what we hear. This Insect Warfare track is announced as 'Untitled`, but it is the same track (F.T.L.) on their split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed if i`m not mistaken. I also hope that this band reunites, and shows us that Insect Warfare is a crown jewel in the grindcorescene (to me they are). Then The Kill that`s from Australia, with a song called ``Dead on the Floor 30 Seconds Into the First Band``. A 31 seconds of duration grindcore song that is indeed fast, and has every element of grindcore in it`s music. Drums pound fast and loud, screams and grunts, but the guitars are barely hearable. Nevertheless, that doesn`t ruin the party for my ears. Nice 7`` ep and a great collector`s item to have in your music collection, so buy it if it`s not sold out yet!!!

Jack the Rapper
Mortal Decay’s “The Blueprint for Blood Spatter” is an excellent display of simple brutality with an edge of slight complexity. Sound confusing? Well just put this cd in and you’ll understand what I mean. These guys have been around for a long time and their seniority in the underground is more than evident on these 9 tracks. Mixing traditional death metal elements and delivering them with a slight gore grind edge is nothing that hasn’t been done before, but these guys have found a near perfect balance between the 2. It’s like the fast grinding parts are the attack of the prey and the slower death metal parts are the aftermath and indulgence in the feast of the carnage created.

The traditional parts here are motivated by the likes of bands like Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity, Lividity, and other bands of that nature. The drum work is nice and thick especially in the double bass. It mostly sticks to the traditional death metal feel save for the occasional grind influenced blast beat. The guitars have, again, that traditional vibe to them, but when the solos come in they are crystal clear and done to a perfect precision. Well placed within the song structure. It kind of changes the feel of the song during the duration of the solo. One might think the crystal clear sharpness of the solos might be out of place here considering the tones of the bass and regular riffs, but the way the solos are played on this cd really does fit with the song. It’s an odd twist I think, but that’s what makes this album unique. The grind influence I noticed is around bands like Napalm Death and another band I reviewed, Ferocity. Although the styles are different I noticed some similarities referring back to the drum work. Especially the vibe I got which took me back to the Napalm Death albums “Harmony Corruption” and “Utopia Banished”. It’s like the drummer took this style and delivered it in a traditional death metal way. So everything comes full circle as far as the music goes. The one thing I was really impressed with here was the vocals. Again there is nothing that hasn’t been done before and everything concerning the vocals is status quo. But, I am so extremely thankful that there is a band that plays this genre of music who has a vocalist who actually pronounces the words in the lyrics. Time and time again I listen to cds that have printed lyrics but I can’t follow along because the vocalist is too damn lazy to pronounce the lyrics so we as fans can follow along. I mean seriously. What is the use to print lyrics in a cd booklet if no one can follow along with them? It is a waste of time and money on the bands part and I feel it is a big disrespect to the fans to do this. So, either pronounce the words in an intelligible way or do not print the lyrics on the cd booklet. Simple as that. You can still pronounce everything clearly and still be brutal as hell, the vocalist here is a testament to that.

I was extremely impressed with everything here. Clean, precise, and to the point. A well done effort for these veterans of extreme metal. As well as the bands mentioned above, this cd is recommended for fans of: Bound and Gagged, Suture, Devourment, and early Cannibal Corpse. This cd was so good I am already anticipating what their next effort will sound like. One of the top releases for Comatose Records.
Michael Blanchard
Review Luciferian Insectus-The Beckoning Call cd.

After the release of the debut album ``The Sacrifice Continues`` , Luciferian Insectus did not sit still, he did some live shows here and there in the Netherlands and he also recorded a new album! As soon as I heard the first demosongs I knew this would become a very good album, it`s maybe even better than the debut album! The album starts with a instrumental song that already sounds melodramatic and dark. ``Lucid Serenity`` is a great opening song. Then second song ``Bloodlust`` blasts out of my speakers, it`s technical, melodic, melancholic and very varied. Slower parts are followed up by up tempo and fast played black/death metal. Then ``Devoured by Hatred`` is a heavy sounding melodic black/death metal song which is very varied with great riffs and solo`s. ``Facade of Murderistic Intension`` opens slow, goes a bit up tempo later on, it is varied and technical, but it sounds very heavy. ``Rage and a Bottle of Whisky`` is heavy and a slow black/death song again. I bet it is a song about getting pissed off, and throw a bottle of whisky to the wall in a rage because it tastes like shit, or something like that hehehe. And I don`t mean the wall tastes like shit, but the whisky did... duh! Not much variation in this song and not the fastest song. That changes with ``Misfortune``, a varied, melodic black death/metal song that has up tempo and fast parts and is so far the best song on this album to my opinion. ``Skin my Heart, Drink my Blood`` is next song, it opens melodic, great riffs and mid tempo black/death metal with tempochanges here and there, a nice one to listen to. And it`s probably a better idea to drink that whisky that tastes like shit, than blood hehe. Then last song on this album is in Dutch:``Satan Geef me Kracht``. It means: Satan, Give me Power. Quite surprising to hear this on a U.S. black/death metal release and unique! A up tempo song, with great riffs and slow and fast parts. Pounding drums and vocals that sound full of hate... A very varied album this is, and Luciferian Insectus is really impressing me with this varied album and shows he is a very professional musician. A awesome album that`s surely worth it`s money.

9 of 10 points

Jack the Rapper

Review of Witch Trail - The Withch`s Trail (audiotape) EP

Here is my first audiotape review and this is a damn good audiotape. Black/thrash metal from Belgium, and a lot of us know that Belgium is famous for their fries as well. O.k. their beers are awesome too. Let`s get serious now I tell myself. So here we go. The tape contains 8 black/thrash songs and it opens with The Witch`s Trail. A fine up tempo song with great raw guitarriffs and I like the sound and speed of the second song as well. Sum of the Eyes just makes me start a moshpit in my bedroom again, and third song ``Atomic Atakk`` has a slower part so I can take a breath and regain strentgh to continue this solo moshpit. Then ``The Last Giants`` begins, and indeed, my last beer is a giant bottle and the last one I have, so I make sure I won`t spill it. The music continues, varies from fast to midtempo and the songs sound great so far. My giant beer is gone as well, moshing makes me thirsty. Then it`s time to change the audiotape from side ``Filth`` to side ``Smut`` and this Belgian black/thrash madness continues with ``Coffin Critter``. It opens slow, to burst out into fast and up tempo black/thrash metal. It is a longer song than the previous ones it seems and more varied. Song 7, ``The Revenant`` has a intro. I don`t exactly know where it`s about, but I hear some old dude saying he has very old wine, pours it out and hopes some other dude, that`s with him, likes it. ```Aren`t you drinking?`` ``I never drink wine`` says the other dude. It must be taken from a boring English cooking tv show with grumpy guests in there, in where they want to say: ``heh damn wine.... again! Give me a fucking beer!!``. Last song on this tape is ``Filth and Smut`` and it is varied and a party for my ears. My ears need to be cleaned indeed. Faster and mid tempo black/thrash, and like the other songs on this demo, it is well played music what I hear. Nice guitarriffing and raw vocals, drums and bass makes me a satisfied listener. Good demotape by a good band, of which we`ll hear more about in the future, I think.

9 points of 10.
Jack the Rapper.

Hailing from Chicago is the band Bones. I have heard a lot of good things about this band from people in the metal underground. One of those people being an actual legend in the underground, and the other is on his way to the same status. Everything they’ve said about this band is the absolute truth. This band totally rips and destroys everything in their path. This trio does not mess around one bit. The unique sounds of this death/thrash masterpiece are second to none. There is also a nice crusty edge to these guys that hasn’t been heard since the days of classic Terrorizer and the seldom heard of Nausea. For those of you who remember Nausea you definitely remember the sound I’m talking about. There is also a slight grindcore edge here as well but it’s so faint that you have to really be listening to catch it.

The guitars have a nice crunchy ooze to them. A sort of “fuzz” that other bands try to do but can never pull off. At least not to this degree. The riffs are simple as there is no need for complex finger tapping when you have a devastating sound such as this. The solos are a bit chaotic and all over the place but considering the rest of the music it’s safe to say that it is well utilized. A lot of static to the guitars as well. A bit different from the fuzz though. You’d have to hear it to totally understand it, but it adds such a brutal aura and ambience to the tunes that it just doesn’t matter.

The drum work here is not all that complex either. A little fun on the kit here and there to show off the talented skills, but for the most part it is simple, direct, and in your face. What I like most about this album is that there is no triggers on the drums. Of course, with this type of metal you really wouldn’t need any. But it is just a plus from me that the drum work here is all due to the actual talent of the drummer with no aids of any kind. That right there shows class and a respect for the art of metal. Back in the day you never had that crap because it was all about being brutal. Well-being the fastest isn’t always the most brutal. I would put Bones up against any band using triggers and I’ll bet that Bones would wipe the stage with them. That goes for underground bands as well as bigger bands playing extreme metal. I mean if you have to use mechanical aids to maintain or validate your talent, wre you that talented to begin with?

So much brutality and chaos on this release that it just simply blows my mind. In Addition to Terrorizer and Nausea, you could also add to the list of influences bands such as: Unholy Grave, Necrophagia, Rigor Mortis, Misery, Disrupt, Phobia, and Autopsy. I was actually surprised that I received the opportunity to review this cd. Did not expect this at all and it was a nice surprise to actually hear this band for the first time. I need to go back and pick up their previous material and check that out as well. This band and this album will kick your ass so be ready for it!
Michael Blanchard

This demo of Spanish death/thrashers Apontokation starts with a intro, called... Intro.
I guess it`s the sound of a nuclear blast with drums that go bom-bom-bom and sirens wail in the intro.
Nice. Then the first song after the intro is song 2 but a intro is not really a song but to
go along with the playlist, song 2 is called ``Fucking Hate Road``. I hate roads too when they
are bad, bumps and holes and so on hehe. It opens thrashy a la Slayer, it is a nice opening song
and the vocals sound fine to me. It has a groovy part and then a faster thrashy part, it sounds
nice and promising. Third song ``Awakening the Beast`` is a fast death/thrash song with slower parts,
or so to say, varied. I like the music so far. Song 4 is ``Eternal Night`` and it is a up tempo song
with nice melodies and blast beats at the end. Song 5 is called ``Dark Thoughts`` and sometimes it reminds
me of Destruction in their Release from Agony period. A varied melodic song it is with a slow doomy part
at the end of the song. Song 6 is ``Damn Temptation``, it starts up tempo, and has a groovy part at the end.
Song 7 is ``Apontokation`` and I notice influences of Immolation in the music of this band as well.
Nice up tempo death/thrash metal song. Then song 8, ``Buried Alive`` has good riffs, is melodic and varied.
During the song there`s some battle tumult in the background. To my opinion the song should end with that,
or end with fast played death/thrash metal. Their 2nd demo is next to review and all with all, this is
a very nice first demo, with a good sound quality and all is mixed and produced well.

7,5 of 10 points

Jack the Rapper.

Apontokation-Bloody Carnaval demo review

This is the 2nd demo of Apontokation, which dates from February 2013.
It opens with a intro in where a demonic church organ, groans and such are to be heard. Then the actual music begins with the song ``Bloody Carnival``. I dislike carnival as well , so I decided to play this song during carnival time from now on! ``Bloody Carnival`` opens calm but bursts out in fast played death/thrash metal which is varied with up tempo and slower parts. It sounds more brutal than the first demo and I think that`s a great progress. A solo here and there with great riffs make the song a nice one. Then ``M.O.S.H.``, as third and last song, opens with thrashy riffs and it`s varied with faster and slower parts. The song has a slower melodic part, which takes the tempo out of the song and that`s a bit of a pity. Despite that, I like the song and this demo. As a extra I have their song ``Human Chaos``, and I have to say that it is the best song by them so far. Up tempo played death/thrash metal, which is varied and has faster to slower parts, and the sound is great. Great guitarriffs, vocals and rhythm section it`s all good. Yep, I like this band that still is growing en improves themselves. If i`m curious to their upcoming full length...? Yes I am!

8 of 10 points

Jack the Rapper.
The Infernal Sea/Old Corpse Road - Insidious Art And Serpentine Rites 7" Split Review.

The Infernal Sea - Tannis Root.

Now for those who are familiar with Call Of The Augur and The Crypt Sessions then you will know that The Infernal Sea are one's for the use of lengthy intro’s and outro’s, Which for a lot of people can be a bad thing but when it comes to The Infernal Sea it is well needed to build atmosphere and effect for what is to follow. This song Tannis Root is no exception. Opening with the sound of what seems to be a demon reveling in a damp torture chamber slowly building to the point where the metal is released with a crash of thunder. The Infernal Sea’s black metal injected with death leaps out and goes straight for the throat. There is a very Gorgoroth style/sound in this song which would probably fit quite happily on Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt, though that is not to say that this song isn’t distinctly The Infernal Sea.

Subject matter for this song is something, which i personally love, being that of Rosemary’s Baby. Tannis Root being a ingredient put in the “health drink” made by the Castevet’s whilst she is pregnant, which in turn is a step taken for the birth of the new Antichrist, Adrian. Some people may have a problem with using “fiction” in songs but when it is a well respected movie where the inspiration comes from such as Rosemary’s Baby then who care’s! This song definitely proves a natural progression for The Infernal Sea and this song proves it. The energy in this song is massive! And Dean’s vocals are vicious as ever! Certainly one that will be a brilliant one to play live, especially with its sing along chorus. “HAIL, HAIL, HAIL, HAIL ADRIAN!”

Old Corpse Road – The Sockburn Worm.

With a title like “The Sockburn Worm” without knowing what the song was about you could possibly think of condom’s and dick’s! But joking aside this is Old Corpse Road at their heaviest. Definitely one of the fastest songs they have done so far and would find it difficult to fit onto The Echoes Of Tales Once Told or The Bones Of This Land Are Not Speechless. Leaning towards the faster heavier side isn’t a bad but with a band like Old Corpse Road and what they have become known for may well be a bold move that some might think could backfire. Personally i love this song and it screams Old Corpse Road just with a bit more added bite. Black metal? Check. English history/legends? Check. Acoustic and spoken word passages? Check. This is a song that ticks all the boxes and doesn’t skip on the goods.

Old Corpse Road are in a sense doing a job in black metal what Tolkien did with literature. Trying to preserve and carry on a “mythology” that England has long since lost and forgotten. These guy’s should be national treasures! Who say’s metal can’t be educational and informing?! There is no such other intellectual and sophisticated genre of music and Old Corpse Road know their stuff and they have so many layers and dimensions that you always end up finding more. You might think putting The Infernal Sea and Old Corpse Road together on a split might be a bit of a weird choice given styles, philosophies and subject matter but that is what makes it work more. Who wants to listen to a split that is of bands with the exact same style, sound and outlook. It would get boring and these 2 bands and 2 songs are certainly NOT boring. 2 of English black metal’s finest and i am proud to share this scene and music with them.

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.
Black Command - Demo 2013 / Zwaertgevegt label/distro
Here we have a demotape from Dutch black metallers Black Command. It starts off with a intro which is recorded in the White church of Katwijk during the second world war I guess. Organs and sounds of destruction and tormented humans. Then we get the songs ``Terrorist``, ``Light Within``, ``Fire``, Yaltabaoth`` and ``Chaos King``. Each song has a nasty sounding guitarriff that`s repeated over and over and over again. Fast drumparts and forceful vocals. I guess we deal with war black metal here. Now, I do like that genre, for it`s rage and brutality. Black Command is not bad, in fact it could become a reallly great band. Their live performance was pretty nice as well. A little more variety and shorter songs will do better, but that`s just my (honest) opinion as a listener and musician. This band is growing and busy with new bandmembers and recordings, i`m curious to their new material. In this demo I hear the bass, guitar and vocals very well, it`s just the drums, it sounds soft in the mix. The songs are o.k., a bit too long... A bit more variation in the new songs and I believe Black Command becomes a great band! All with all, a good 1st demo release from Black Command!!!
8 of 10 points.
Jack the Rapper
Moloch-Verwüstung cd review.

Also from the Ukraine (Deviator is from the Ukraine too) we have Moloch`s Verwüstung cd to review. Here we go. First song is ``Todestille``, and indeed, it is not dead quiet. It is a morbid, depressive synthesizer song that sounds like a sort of opening soundtrack of a zombie/horror movie. Then song 2 ``Blutmond`` is a fast opening black metal song and it sounds raw and evil. Great riffs, a good rhythmsection and vocals and that`s how I like to hear black metal. I hear Mayhem and Burzum influences and it all sounds great. ``Spiritueller Selbstmord`` is 3rd song and more varied, melodic, depressive and atmospheric. A very nice one. 4th song is ``Negativitat`` and it`s a varied black metal song with slower parts and reminds me a lot of Burzum. ``Nur de Tod ist wirklich`` is fifth song and it is a atmospheric mid tempo black metal song with little variety and depressive parts. ``Die Kalte der Ewigkeit`` is 6th song and opens calm before the storm... varied with faster and slower parts this black metal song is the best on the album I think. Great raw guitarriffs and raw vocals and all sounds great so far. Song 7 ``Du bist nichts in dieser sterbenden Welt`` starts with a basspart that sounds a bit depressive, and that feeling continues in the rest of the song. There`s more variety and melody in this raw black metal song as well this time, a very nice black metal song to listen to. Song 8 is ``Verwüstung`` . A long instrumental synthesizer song, just like the first song but longer and with a morbid sounding piano and such in it. A nice depressive black metal album I say.

8,5 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper

Deviator-To Forgotten Path-Triumph of the Will compilation cd review
My friend Dmitry of Deviator asked me to review this cd so here `s the review. The cd opens with ``Forgotten Hope``, a instrumental song, and I have to admit the cd has a strong opening song with this one. Melodic, powerful, with great riffs, heavy and it`s surely one of the nicest instrumental (opening) songs i`ve ever heard.
``Mighty Black Inner Flame`` is second song and opens calm as if you are listening to a intro of some History Channel Viking special. The song bursts out into up raw up tempo black/death metal soon and I like that. Great guitarriffs, pounding drums, what a violent neck wrecking song! Then a slower melodic part comes in and it all is atmospheric and melodic `till the end of the song. ``Undying Darkness`` is the 3rd song. It is a slower black/death metal song but varied with great riffs and a heavy sound. Nice riffs and all, good song. 4th Song is ``Raw Symphony of Sorrow```which starts off calm that builds up into a fast black/death metal song. Also it is instrumental, atmospheric, melodic and varied... a real nice one! Then song 5 ``Thy Blood in my Veins`` is a slower epic atmospheric song, with melody and it`s not as varied as the previous songs. Then ``Way of Warriors-Hymn to Immortals`` starts off nicely with nice riffs and melodies. It is a varied song and it reminds me to Burzum sometimes. Then song 7, ``Eternity of Blood is the next song and it`s a up tempo black/death song
with nice riffs and it just sounds very raw. A slower midpart makes it all more varied with some acoustic guitar and atmospheric with synths. Song 8 ``Burning bridges become ashes``is a bit awkward, in the fast played parts I don`t hear snare or bass drums in the mix. Maybe it`s supposed to be like that, I don`t know. This cd is not the newest Deviator cd but a compilation cd that shows how the band has grown during the years. 5 Re-recorded songs with a new guitar player in the band and 2 video`s of the recording process, a very nice overview, and it`s surely one Dmitry can be very proud of, I say.
8 of 10 points.
Jack the Rapper
Deviator-Voice of the Native Blood cd review

Here`s a cd of Deviator from 2010, and of course I review this one too for my very talented friend Dmitry.
The cd starts off with song 1, ``To Forgotten Path-Triumph of the Will`` a bombastic, melancholic and instrumental song, which is pleasant to listen to, great opening song. Nice riffs and great melodies, and that also counts for the next song ``Thy Blood in My Veins``. A melodic, bombastic song with variety, and Lord Hastner`s vocals are just raw and fit well with
the music. Song 3 is ``Black Sorrow`` and starts off melodic and atmopsheric, and turns into up tempo black/death metal and is varied with slower parts. Nice melodies combined with powerful raw riffs is what we hear and so far the cd sounds very good. Then song 4 is ``Future Funeral Bells`` and it`s a nice atmospheric black metal song. Raw guitarriffs, synths in the background that makes the song sound gloomy, it`s very varied with faster and melodic slower parts in it. Song 5 is ``Away From the Sun into Darkness`` and it`s a Zaklon cover (no not Zyklon!). I don`t know Zaklon but when I hear this cover, i`m very curious to that band. A song with great tight riffs, it is up tempo, varied and melodic. A well chosen song to cover indeed, a great headbang song. Then it`s time for the last song, ``Fenrir`s Shadow`` and it`s a outro I guess,not really a song but nice to end tis cd with. A bombastic, melodic, brutal and raw this cd is, a very nice black/death metal cd. Some songs are on the compilation cd`s ``Way of the Warrior-Hymn to Immortals`` and ``To Forgotten Path-Triumph of the Will``, and if you have time, do check out this band.


9 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper.
Canada’s Sabbatory are bound and determined to destroy everything in their path with their debut release entitled “Endless Asphyxiating Gloom”. Now, there are bands that give nods to the old school and the traditional way of constructing and performing this type of material, yet still retain their own identity in this new wave of death metal, but in listening to Sabbatory, it seems to me that this band is totally old school from the ground up. From the blueprint to the final product, this is total old school death metal worship in its most pure and highly respected form. It is this that gives the band their own identity in this generation even though that back in the day there were tons of bands that had this sound. Back in the old days they would have been called copy cats, however, I would prefer to call them revivalists of tradition and the utter brutality that the bands of the old school gave us.

The music here is totally stripped down to its basic elements. I wouldn't say that it’s raw, but rather that it’s not really all that technical as far as complexity goes and follows the “brutality through simplicity” philosophy. The guitars are really tight and precise with a certain “grittiness” to them, but at the same time lack the bite that is found, for example, in Swedish bands playing similar music. Even so, this cd does have that Swedish feel to it. Can’t really put my finger on it but it is undeniable. There is really no other genre influences that I pick up on with this band as far as guitars go. Just total and unadulterated brutal death metal riffage all the way. I wouldn't say the solo work is all that phenomenal, but the construction of the solos here are well planned and well placed and compliment these songs nicely even though they are just as simplistic as the riffs. I usually don’t talk much about the bass when reviewing an album but here it is quite noteworthy. I wouldn't say it’s at the forefront, but you sure as hell can feel it as it seems to have been given the same attention as all the other aspects of the music. In some instances you really notice it more as if it stands out on its own. The bass work is one of my favorite aspects of this cd. Very well played and incorporated.

The drums are probably what surprised me the most. Throughout this whole cd I could not find one part that sounded even remotely triggered. Just good old-fashioned, drum playing talent! This guy is really good. As with the guitars, the drums are not really all that complicated in terms of what you are hearing and he is on point 100% through every song. You can tell that he really puts everything into his work when he is behind that drum kit. Drummers like this really catch my attention. Sometimes you can tell when a drummer is half-assing it. Well, I can tell you that is not the case here. From beginning to end this guy is pounding his way through hell! The vocals sound completely agonistic, tortured and completely pained. It is this final element to this soon to be classic release that puts the the last nail in the coffin of finality. In my personal opinion, these guys have usurped the throne of the old school and have started what could very well be a new rising of the old school sound. I’m not talking about bands who give tribute to the old school, I am talking about bands like Sabbatory who worship the old school and make it their life’s work to rebuild it into a viable sound once again!

Will all this being said, if you are into bands like Baphomet(US), Ceremony, Goddefied, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, and other bands such as these, then adding this cd to your collection is a must! This is yet another fine and flawless release from the new label Unspeakable Axe Records. Releasing bands like Sabbatory is an awesome thing for this label and continued releases that dominate like this one will garner this label undeniable respect and prestige. Awesome job, Sabbatory! Congratulations on another fantastic release Unspeakable Axe Records! Support this band and support this label!
Review Graverobber-Conscious Autopsy cd (SpeedSlaughter Productions 2014 26)
The 3 guys of Graverobber released their debut cd before the tape release was published. We have a old school death metal band here from Dutch capital Amsterdam. The first song ``Dr. Death`` is a nice up tempo, varied death metal song. I don`t have lyrics to the songs, but I bet Dr. Death is not a doctor I would visit... Nice song, and second song ``Nuclear Penetration`` is really a old school song that makes my room too small for my bedroom solo moshpit. It opens with a scene from a horrormovie and the zombie holocaust is unstoppable with this fast song, drums are pounding the earwax out of your ears and the rest sounds great too, since i`m able to hear without a hearingaid. Third song and titlesong ``Conscious Autopsy`` is a varied slower song that goes up tempo half way the song, nice death metal so far. Song 4 is a Macabre cover, ``Zodiac`` and it fits well on this Graverobber album, it could be one of their own songs, a very good coverversion. Song 5 is ``The Mummy`s Tomb`` and so far the most brutal song on this cd. Great guitarriffs, a roaring bass, pounding drums and great vocals and I bet even Tutanchamon would join me in a moshpit on this cd of Graverobber, if he was alive. Song 6 is ``Edible Abortion`` and it is a nice short song, but very brutal. Last song is ``Day of the Dead`` and it is the best song on this cd to my opinion, save the best for last right guys? It opens wiith a scene of a horrormovie and let me guess, from Day of the Dead. Brutal gore grinding death metal with influences of old Carcass, Grave and Gorguts to name a few, which was clearly to hear during this whole album. I can`t wait to hear their second album!
9,5 of 10 points.
Jack the Rapper
Review of Darkthrone-Black Death And Beyond (Box set vinyl/book) by Jack the Rapper.
Here we have another Darkthrone compilation. Whààààààt? Another compilation? I prefer new material, and without Fenriz on vocals... But that`s my personal opinion. As second I have to say is that we know all featured songs, and it`s a bit of a pity just one rare song is featured on this compilation triple vinyl box. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia (NRK version). Maybe this song is featured on another compilation, but not to my knowledge. I would like to mention Bathory`s Volume I, II and III compilations, which featured more unreleased songs. That is a bit of dissapointing to me, Darkthrone released 16 albums, was there no more other unreleased song left to publish? Is there anything positive to say about this release? Yeah there are positive things to mention: It is a very nice looking triple vinyl box. When you hold the box in your hands, it looks like you have a bunch of vinyls (of other metalbands) in your hands, because of the albumtitles on the side of the box. Really cool. The 3 vinyls in this box are in in white, black and transparent. The first 3000 copies have a signed certificate and a woven patch. The booklet that is included, is really great. It contains old and new photo`s and the history/philosophy of the band and bandmembers Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. So yes this compilation is a very nice one to have in your Darkthrone collection, it is obviously clear that the band took real good care and attention to create this really awesome compilation. But still, it would have been more awesome if more unreleased tracks were featured on this beautiful compilation. This box will not be re-pressed when sold out, so get your copy real fast if not sold out yet!
Side 1:
1. In the Shadow of the Horns
2. Inn I De Dype Skogers Favn
3. Under a Funeral Moon
4. I en Hall Med Flesk og Mjod
Side 2:
1. The Hordes of Nebulah
2. The Claws of Time
3. Fucked Up & Ready to Die
4. Hate is the Law
5. The Cult of Goliath
Side 1:
1. Snowfall
2. Sunrise over Locus Mortis
3. Soulside Journey
4. Neptune Towers
5. Nor the Silent Whispers
Side 2:
1. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia (NRK version)
2. Sadomasochistic Rites
3. In his Lovely Kingdom
4. Black Daimon
5. Paragon Belial
Side 1:
1. Graveyard Slut
2. Forebyggende Krig
3. These Shores are Damned
4. Pervertor of the 7 Gates
5. Wisdom of the Dead
Side 2:
1. The Winds they called the Dungeon Shaker
2. Grizzly Trade
3. Those Treasures Will Never Befall You
4. Stylized Corpse
5. The Ones You Left Behind

Strap yourself in for a crazy 50 minutes of mind blowing mixes of actual clips ( ranging from movies to news clips, sports matches to speeches by the former pope) with great guitar riffs that are truly original.
This Album by ZMM is everything you never expected and more, where oh where do i begin. This album has an amazing 45 tracks including the shortest song ever recorded.
ZMM has created a new genre with this album, NekroHouzeMetal and it is total insanity in its purest and truest form. The Ideas for many of these tracks were so completely random which i believe is the true soul behind this amazing album. A collection which must be listened to not once not twice but several times to truly come to understand as much as human brains can.
This review was an extremely difficult album to review because of its complexities, where normal reviews tend to talk about each song that would simply be an absurdly long review so i compressed it with an overall thought.
I totally recommend this album because no matter what you will find tracks completely suited for you.
Arinne Krul

Review Disinterred-Incantation (5 track album) by Jack the Rapper.

Here we have a new release from Belgium`s Disinterred, and what a great release this is! I like their (first) demo MMXIII, and their 7`` split ep (with The Infernal Sea) and this mini album is really great too. This release is a little more varied and melodic than their first demo. A real great old school death metal album is what we get... Who wants ``new school death metal`` anyway? The first song ``Sacrifice`` is a slow, sick sounding opening song. It goes from slow to fast up tempo played death metal and this is really a brutal death metal song with great raw riffs, pounding drums and brutal vocals. A awesome opening song it is! The second song ``Boundless Cruelty`` is a brutal raw death metal song, varied with some blast beat parts. I`m about to start a solo moshpit again in my room! Third song ``Incantation`` is a up tempo song, with great riffs and groovy parts. I feel a solo moshpit is upcoming... Song 4, ``The Promise`` is a faster old school death metal and here I go again... Solo moshpit!!! This song is awesome! Nice raw guitarriffs, pounding drums and it is a very good song to piss your posh neigbours off with! The whole album is great so far, and last song ``Dies Irae`` (not a Bathory cover) is a slow but heavy instrumental song which reminds me a bit of the death metal of Grave and the doom metal of Candlemass, which is a kind of surprising. I also hear a bit of punk/black/thrash metal influences in the music of Disinterred, and their sound reminds me of bands like Carnage/Dismember, Grave, Nihilist/Entombed and Unleashed, I say this is a very nice album and a must have if you like raw old school death metal.

9 of 10 points.
Jack the Rapper
Regression Process
Zoldier Noiz
France’s Zoldier Noiz return with an absolutely shredding opus entitled “Regression Process”. This masterpiece of thrash has 10 songs and has a running time just shy of 30 minutes and while the band indeed have a strange name, they prove in such a dominating way that songs don’t need to be 6 or 7 minutes long to be powerful and get the message across. In fact the longest song on this release is 3 minutes and 35 seconds. From the beginning of the first track to the end of the last, “Regression Process” is 100% pure sonic obliteration. Bombastic in sound and production, this release has the potential to be one talked about in the underground for years to come.

Music wise this is another gritty, dirty played slab of material. Part of this sound could be attributed to the production which I would almost count on. Absolute classic style riffing in the vein of Devastation, Cyclone, Vio-Lence, and other bands similar to these. Total 80’s thrash worship all the way, but there is also a death metal style vibe in the riffing which in my opinion is from the early 90’s. It’s a slight vibe, but just enough to balance out the thrash aspect. Imagine if you will the above mentioned bands with about 5% influence from Autopsy’s “Severed Survival”. The solos on this album are well constructed and implemented in extraordinary fashion. They sound a little dirty and gritty as well, but not as much as the riffs. The solos don’t sound as if they would on a more “well known” band’s release. It’s like the band has tuned things a little lower and in retrospect, could add that little extra thickness to the riffs. The drums on this release are phenomenal. One of the best thrash drummers I have ever heard, bar none! The snares and symbols are hit with awesome precision, but what blows my mind is the double bass. It may not be the fastest or the most technical, but damn this guy could hit that double bass with the best that this genre has to offer. I will even go as far to say that this guy could give Gene Hoglan a run for his money. I mean absolutely no disrespect to Mr. Hoglan, but this guy here could very well take the drum crown of thrash metal!

This is another cd where the bass guitar gets just as much attention on production as the other instruments. Monotone in some sections, but even so it blends so well with the double bass and snare from the drums and seems to carry the riffs to another level. A fantastic player who fulfills his part in the band damn near flawlessly. It’s just amazing, the production on this cd. Whoever produced did a perfect job on it. I cannot hear at any time on this cd where anything is out of balance. This cd is like the perfect example of fung shui in thrash metal. Everything harmoniously blended and put together and recorded at the perfect level to give the listener 100% pure listening enjoyment. The vocals aren’t really your typical thrash metal type vocal. It’s like blending the vocals of Bolt Thrower, early Napalm Death along with the above named riff influences. A very unique and innovative vocal pattern for this type of music. Bands like this are really inspiring because you can hear from the music that they create that they actually give a damn about what they are putting out. Their sincerity and hard work, not only reflects their awesomeness as a band but also reflects on the type of people they are. You can just tell from this release that the band is dignified and proud, and from the songs on this cd they have every reason in the world to be proud and dignified. It is no wonder Unspeakable Axe Records signed these guys. Yet, another highly respectable release on what is soon to be a highly respectable label!
Michael Blanchard
Hell's Teeth
Hailing from the United Kingdom is Cultfinder and their new ep, “Hell’s Teeth” is set to demolish everything in its path with its razor sharp, dirty and gritty slab of excellence. Now I personally don’t really care for the lyrical subject matter, but there is no denying that these guys know how to make some great tunes. This is probably the most evenly displaced example of black/thrash metal that I have ever heard. There are also some slight death metal elements in here as well, but you have to listen real close as they are awesomely enveloped within the black and thrash elements. Very impressive to say the least. The bands incorporation of these different styles has blazed before then a path to true underground metal greatness.

Music wise you might picture old Kreator and Destruction played without direction while adding in elements of Hellhammer to top things off. The guitar work is an awesome display of these bands with little elements of death metal riffage here and there for good measure but as far as the guitars go that is where the biggest part of the thrash element is. The drums on this release is where the death metal element comes in but also added is that ever so slight black metal influence. The drums also seem under produced as compared to the guitars in which the end result is a somewhat hollow, raw, yet fulfilling sound that all lovers of this genre crave. In fact if there is someone who has never really gotten into this particular form of metal before but is looking to broaden their horizons, then this release would be an excellent introduction. The style is quite thrashy but has that black/death vibe to it. One element is in one place in one part of a song then another in another place. Just when you feel you got a grasp on it the band changes it up and the diversity of the incorporated styles makes this an innovative release in the sense that while nothing is innovative element wise, the clustering of these elements together is breathing fresh air into the black/thrash genre in 2014.

The vocals, in my opinion are totally early Enthroned warship. Anyone who’s into early Enthroned know exactly what I’m talking about. Those vocals on the early releases are just absolutely insane! Well, They are just as insane on this ep as the vocalist has a similar vocal pattern. It’s not the exact sound that the vocalist from the early Enthroned albums had, but it will definitely take you back to those times and tunes. These vocals really compliment the music well. It’s almost as if this is what it sounded like if Celtic Frost played an Enthroned album using all of the influences named above. There is not really any one aspect of this EP that stands out ahead of any other. Everything is complimented and balanced out evenly on this incredible release. Even with the bouncing around of the vibes and influences, what you have here is a cd ep, that can rival anything put out by any band of the same genre who has had twice if not three times the experience that Cultfinder has. The label that put this out is called Eldrich Lunar Miasma Records. That’s one hell of a name for a label and this is one hell of a release for a band that, judging by this release, has a very long career ahead of them! Support these guys and support this label! We need more quality labels like this releasing bands that take pride in the material they release! HAILZ!
Michael Blanchard
Arcane North-Enter the Arcane North ep review

Here we have atmospheric black metal from the United Kingdom, and the scene there is blooming up with bands as Demoniacal, Mørktår, S.F.I., Mundus, Grimsvotn and Razakel Krieg to name some. Arcane North is atmospheric black metal, and i`m curious to the music... The first song ``Ravenous and Cavernous`` sounds like if it is a song of Burzum or Wolves in the Throne Room. A good song this is, very varied with faster and slower doomy parts, and indeed a lot of atmosphere and melodic. Nice. The song is almost 10 minutes long, but it`s not boring at all, it is a nice song I say. Second song ``Eternal Forest Waltz`` is 10 minutes long and it is a slow black metal song, with black metal and choir like vocals. Hypnotizing guitarriffs and it just sounds more depressive than the first song. It sounds melancholic and melodic as well, a perfect song for a waltz in the forest, I say. ``Beneath the Crooked Oak`` is last song and I hear crows crowing as in like the movie ``Kaw``. However ``The Crow`` is a nice movie, I prefer to watch ``Kaw`` and isn`t it true that crows can laugh? This song, ``Beneath the Crooked Oak`` is slow, melodic, a little bombastic, atmospheric and varied with faster parts. Also this song is 10:18 minutes long, varied with choir like and black metal vocals, and absolutely not boring. To me, this song is the best one on this ep. William of Arcane North did a great job here, so far it`s one of the best releases I have heard this year!

9,5 of 10 points

Jack the Rapper

Another Scheme of the Wicked
Hailing from the United States is the industrial black metal band Invertia. I didn't’ Know what to think of this band at first as when I first looked at this cd. The cover art seemed a little too abstract for me and right then I began to have racing thoughts as to what this music must sound like. After listening to this cd for the first time, I must say that sometimes the most beautiful things are the most abstract. This is yet another example of the old saying that “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. While this was not the best thing I've heard this year, I will admit that I was impressed with the effort that this band put forth. There was definitely a high level of energy put into these song. Sometimes, it seemed as if the band was trying to contain it and at other times they just let all hell break loose. They went from one extreme to the other in very stimulation fashion.

When the opening riffs come in I automatically noticed a heavy Mayhem vibe from around the “Grand Declaration of War” era. There seemed to be a little Satyricon influence in there as well. I didn't notice anything innovative here and the “style” played here seemed to be somewhat dated, however with that being said it was still played very well and despite the dated style and sound of the riffing, it fit very well with the other elements of the music. There was also some thrash and death metal styles to the riffing which, most definitely, adds to the level of enjoyment. One thing that might have helped the riffs here is if they were a little “cleaner” sounding. Even so, I believe that the reason they are not is attributed to the industrial aspects of the band and of this release. They could have polished things up more on the guitars and I would have admittedly enjoyed it more, but on the other hand and in hindsight, if they did polish things up it probably would have ruined the whole vibe on the album. Considering this, it just wouldn't have been worth it and I enjoyed it fine just the way it is.

Seeing as this is an industrial black metal band, there is no doubt that the drums are triggered. It is pretty much a given with bands like this. This isn't really a bad thing if it is done right. I can tell you, that with this release, Invertia definitely did things right. Heavy and thick in parts, you’ll feel the pulse of the drums long after this album is over. This is probably my favorite element of this album and compliments the dirty, gritty sound of the guitars perfectly. This is where the industrial aspect of the band and this album is at its dominance. Again, you can definitely hear the Mayhem influence/vibe again but this time you can throw in a little Skin Chamber in with that. For those of you who remember Skin Chamber, you know how brutal that band was on their 2 albums. The vocals on this album are traditional and not very innovative but serve the purpose well given the material on this album. Just absolute chaotic hell. In some areas they sound like death metal type vocals and in other areas they sound like black metal vocals and yet in other areas it’s hard to pinpoint what they are trying to do which adds an interesting element to the overall sound of the songs here. I really like what the band did with the vocals. Not using the same vocal pattern throughout the album was definitely a plus and probably the only innovative idea on this whole album.

There are 10 tracks on this album, but if you really think about it there are really only 5 as tracks 6 through 10 are remixes. Of those 5 remixes the one that will probably stand out the most is the remix of the track called “The Sidewinding” which is remixed by Justin K. Broadrick. All of the remixes are good and some might even consider the remixes better than the originals. I myself enjoyed both in an equal fashion. With that being said, even though I felt a few things were dated and not innovative, etc. I still feel that this is an enjoyable album. It may not be my first pick for cds to listen to or be in my top 5 albums of the year so far, but I did enjoy listening to it and hearing what Invertia had to offer. They have my highest regards and respect for all the work and effort they put into this release and I am eager to hear what they have to offer in the future. I certainly hope that they endeavor to be more innovative on their next release because if they are, then there is no doubt in my mind that they will have a masterpiece of a classic on their hands!

Michael Blanchard
Enlightening the Unknown
New on the Kaotoxin label and hailing from France, comes Insain’s “Enlightening the Unknown”. Their brand of brutal death metal is definitely nothing to take lightly. Kaotoxin has been releasing some pretty damn good cds and this one is no different. This release is one that would most certainly invoke the pits to absolute madness and would also appeal to even the most sophisticated fans of this particular genre. There is so much chaos and madness within these 7 tracks that it is such an awesomeness to behold, or a beauty if you will. This is one cd where the cover art is an absolute 100% visual retrospect to the chaotic “Insainity” encompassed within this music.

Starting this cd ep off is an intro entitled “Abyssum Invocatis”. And, judging by the rest of the music on this release, this intro invokes absolutely everything from said abyss. From the start of the second track to the end of the last track is pure chaotic hell. Razor sharp riffs that are right in your face seem to be heavily influenced by the likes of early Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, and even Vital Remains. I’ll even go as far as to say that there is a slight Behemoth vibe as far as the riffing goes. Aside from these influences, I notice that there is also a thrashy yet classical technicality where the guitar work is concerned. This goes to show me that these guitarist are very proficient with their instruments and also shows that they definitely put in some time and work into their part of this craft. The thrash/classical implementation is really shown in the solo work. Very impressive and definitely one if the highlights of this release. Another attractive aspect to his cd is the awesomely sounding thick drumming. This could be attributed to the production of the drums but I would gather it is that along with the ability of the person behind the kit. In some parts it sounds like the drums are triggered but that’s not a bad thing here. It compliments everything else extremely well and actually serves a purpose everywhere it is applied.

The vocals on this cd are fairly typical of a release in this particular genre, but definitely fit the music they are being applied to. I wouldn't say that they are run of the mill type vocals, I am just saying that they are typical but there is something about them that makes them unique in terms of their application on these songs. It’s like if you take David Vincent’s vocals from Morbid Angel’s “Covenant” album, mixed them with Glen Benton’s vocals from Deicide’s “Legion” and then injected a small amount of Frank Mullen’s vocals from Suffocation’s “Breeding the Spawn”. Yes, all three vocalist have a somewhat typical vocal delivery, but the sound that this vocalist has seems to combine all three styles and add an ever so slight twist to the combined styled to make his own. This is just a plain unique vocals style. When you hear it you’ll understand what I am talking about.

This was a really awesome delivery by this band which has left me anxiously awaiting the next full length effort from these guys, but sadly it doesn't look like it is going to happen as they have broken up. Hopefully they will get back together in the future to create another masterpiece of awesomeness as they did for this cd ep. However, if they never get back together, then this cd will always serve as a reminder as to how awesome this band was. From time to time I mention how much of an honor it was to review a bands release, and this is one of those times. It is releases like this that remind me of why I love this form of music. This was my first introduction to Insain. I am most definitely going to go back and see if I am able to get their past releases to see how they have developed from the demo until now. My highest respect goes to the band for creating a cd of such pure listening enjoyment as well as Kaotoxin for releasing this fine slab of underground metal excellence!

Michael Blanchard
Eastern Front - Descent Into Genocide Review.

Eastern Front are a war torn black metal band from Ipswich UK and this is their second full length album, Descent Into Genocide, the follow up to 2010's Blood On Snow. Both albums released through Candlelight Records.
In recent times there has been a bit of a line-up change with the departure of guitarist Krieg, vocalist Metzger and drummer Destruction. Coming in on vocals is Nagant (who is actually credited in the band lineup of Blood On Snow) and on drums is now Blitz but not a second guitarist to replace Krieg.
Descent Into Genocide was recorded at HVR studio's in Ipswich and produced by Danny B, released in 2014. Eastern Front released a limited edition only 50 copies world wide box set of the album which features a signed picture/certificate in a black envelope sealed with a Eastern Front wax seal, blood stained rosary beads, piece of rope taken from the album's promo shots that bound the members, T-shirt, badge and a patch all in a Descent Into Genocide special box. I am honored and pleased to say i am one of the 50 owners of this special box set.
Descent Into Genocide open's with the first single released from the album Retribution Sky (also can be found on youtube as a official lyric video). Starting with a second world war radio style orchestra piece and humming place engines setting the scene for this albums historical piece of brutality in the cold icy snow on fields, trenches and burnt out buildings. Kicking you in the ass at the start like a stray piece of shrapnel is Nagant’s scream declaring his arrival. Throughout this track there are a lot of, dare i say it, "catchy" lyric line's no doubt to get people singing along live, "RETRI...BUTION....SKY!" anyone? This wouldn’t be a Eastern Front track without the eerie use of acoustic and electric guitar together to set atmosphere which bleeds into a saddening piece of beauty soaring high with those brave boys risking their lives for glory and country.
The Hanging Of Faith hot on the heels of the previous track leaving no time for rest. The riff's in this song quite possibly makes this the most "evil" Eastern Front song to date but with a title like "The Hanging Of Faith" you wouldn’t expect anything less. Besides the flowing riff's the most noticeable thing in this track is the percussive use of drums from new soldier Blitz, blasting off like a 1000 AA-gun unit's.
Blitzfreeze lives up to its name from the start with a heavy as fuck whack as if you've just been shot with a Trench gun. Holocaust showing off his uncompromising guitar work in clear view here, proving he knows every inch and spent shell of Eastern Front. Cold, destroying and unflinching in its attack. If the Nazi's had song to play to get them in the mood for battle then this could quite possibly have been it. A special mention for mastermind Destroyer is needed here for the sheer talent and use of his bass skills, never one for sitting there plodding away in the background. Destroyer IS part of the band and is there to be heard with great effect not buried under everything else.
Katyn Forest screams Eastern Front with its opening acoustic guitar and bass intro layered with a spoken word section from Endstille front man, Zingultus. Only let down being that he doesn’t contribute any vocals to the track. Musically this track is proof how well the current lineup gel's together with ease. Possibly the heaviest track on the album taking a slight more "death metal" tint to it in places. There is no turning back after this track.
Descent Into Genocide is the title track for a reason with its epic reaching for the skies atmosphere. Atmosphere is something Eastern Front never skip on and knows fully how to supply to great effect within their world war 2 setting. This track and Retribution Sky is where Nagant really comes into a league of his own and shines with his sickening pain ridden shrieks powerfully getting across the struggle, strike and anguish of those who fought for their lives on both sides. The guitar work in this song is so filled with emotion you cant help but feel the suffering for those who died.
Die Reise In Den Tod Pt.1 is a special track for me with its solemn atmosphere and sad pure emotion running through its veins. The only disappointment was that it was so short and i was expecting it to be a epic slice of brilliance like Where Warriors Once Fell from Blood On Snow BUT as the title say's it is a part 1 of what i am assuming will continue on the third album, here's hoping anyway.
Ghouls Of Leningrad is another short track but this time brutal and as heavy as being ran over by a King Tiger Tank! The return of that slight death metal influence in places but overall with a icy anger showing how great Eastern Front are at both heavy and "softer" tracks.
Closing the album is In Memory Of The Fallen, a fitting title considering the closing track of Blood On Snow was Where Warriors Once Fell. The only way to describe this track is triumphant. There was a point to be proven with this album and Eastern Front have done it with ease and grace. With its epic swirling guitar's and loving lyrical content this is Eastern Front at their most pure. The biggest stand out is the ode to the fallen soldiers shown in the chorus with brilliant use of extreme vocals and clean vocals hitting it hard back home where our values lie. To progress in life we must learn and look to the past showing respect and honor to those who died for our freedom today. This band is a group of men that along with their music i would be honored to introduce to both my grandfathers if they were here today.
Eastern Front have done it again..... created a perfect piece of historical art that as another English musician i feel is extremely needed in our saturated with shit scene. This album sets the bar high for other bands yet again. From personal taste i think the production of this album slightly lets it down and doesn’t do it justice and i still prefer Blood On Snow BUT overall Descent Into Genocide is just as equal if not better than Blood On Snow was for writing, performance and creativity. Even though this album has only just been released i already crave for album number three!! I salute you sirs!

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.
Desolator-Total Attack cd review.

These guys are from the U.K. as well and this time I review a, indeed, thrash metal cd release! ``Hell Revenger`` is the opening song, and it is really fast played thash metal, a la Nuclear Assault. And indeed, I like that. Varied with slower and mid tempo parts and nice riffs it is a good opening song. Not good enough for a solo thrash pit yet hehe and song 2 is ``Speed Killer Maniac``, and indeed it goes full speed, with groovy parts and also this song is a nice one. I open a beer and ``Toxic Assault`` begins. Is it S.O.D. what I hear? No, but it is a nice thrash song with groovy parts and suddenly there`s a fast part, nice! I feel a solo thrash pit is upcoming... ``High Speed Hangover`` is song 4 and a fast one again... I guess the toxic assault gave me this high speed hangover, my beer is gone so I grab a new one and enjoy this nice, varied long thrash metal song. And yeah here I go! Solo mosh pit in my room!!! Chairs break, the table lies smashed on the floor and lamps are broken... ``Aggression Possession`` is song 5 and it just goes on, nice fast played thrash metal, and I like this album so far. Song 6 is ``Thrash or Fuck Off``and the message is clear I guess. I hear some (old) Kreator influences, and in the last part of the song there`s a mosh part and then the tempo goes up and up and ends. Song 7 is ``Survival of the Richest`` and yeah, that is a good title and covers the message in the lyrics. A nice and varied song is what we get, I hear some (old) Megadeth and (old) Kreator influences, it is a nice song again that goes real fast halfway the song and it ends like that. Then we get song 8, ``Beer Brain`` and this is a song about, of course, beer. There`s the Tankard Influence they talk about in their bio. Fast, but varied thrash metal and a nice song again. And yep, it`s time for a beer again! Then ``Desolator`` begins and some S.O.D. / Nuclear Assault / (old) Kreator inluenced thrash metal is what I hear, it is a varied thrash metal song, and a nice one for a moshpit. And then, the last song is a real beer song! ``Thirst for Freedom`` is a nice song with great riffs, fast parts, variety and humour. It is a very nice, humouristic and nasty sounding thrash metal album and I like it! Cheers!

8,5 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper
Necronautical-Black Sea Misanthropy cd review.

Here we have Necronautical, again a black metal band from the U.K. The cd starts off with ``Come Hell or High Water`` and it has a nice introduction with thunder and bombastic drums and then all hell breaks loose, melodic and varied black metal with faster and slower parts, and sometimes it sounds a bit like Emperor to me here and there and that`s just great. It is atmospheric as well and has groovy parts with nice, tight guitarriffs. Second song ``Black Sea Misanthropy`` opens fast and then tight riffs and up tempo black metal with a lot of variety in speed and melody follows. ``Ghosts of Men``, song 3, sounds more thrashy, but turns into fast played black metal with slower, atmospheric parts, with nice melodies, speed and variety. Song 4, ``Dominion`` also is a varied song, it opens with guitars that play a sick sounding melody and then the song turns into nice black metal with atmopshere and variety, this is the best song so far on the album to my opinion. ``Abyssal Gigantism``, song 5, starts with a intro and the song is not as fast as the previous songs. It sounds heavy and threathening, and indeed, evil. A doom black metal song is the best way to describe this one I guess, with nice melodies and I am sure this song is a good one to play at funerals. Sixth song is ``Pride in the Great Colossus`` and it starts off real fast and it is the fastest song on this album so far. Varied with slower melodic parts and with thrash metal parts that remind me of Destruction, it is a amazing song. Last song on this album is ``The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration`` and it opens with a ambient part a la Burzum, with dramatic female vocals as in the movie Gladiator. A atmospheric, melancholic black metal song is what we get. It goes from calm, doomy black metal to mid tempo black metal with melody, and this song is surprisingly good! The whole album shows these musicians are really good, and this album is a real nice one to have in your collection! Great vocals, guitars and all, I am going to listen to it again... Probably untill i`m deaf!

9,5 of 10 points

Jack the Rapper.
Tied to a Dying Animal
Shroud of Despondency

It’s been a long time since I've heard anything from Wisonsin’s Shroud of Despondency, so when I received this disc I was curious about and anticipating what I was going to hear. They are an interesting band, for being labelled black metal. While that may be true on older works, there is just so much more to this release and labeling it black metal just does not do it justice. Consider the fact that this is a 2 CD release with disc 1 being the really heavy stuff and disc to being more mellow and acoustic based. Something to the effect of how Opeth’s “Deliverance” and “Damnation” were originally supposed to be released. You’re definitely in for a surprise when you listen to this album and I can say that it will most definitely be a pleasant one.

Disc 1: For Innocence, Beauty, and Those Who Defile
Disc one, being the heavier disc starts off in a most awesome fashion with riffs reminiscent of Satyricon’s “Nemesis Divina” album. Rhythm wise, there is also a vibe that I would say is somewhere between Emperor’s “Wrath of the Tyrant” and “In the Nightside Eclipse” with more of a slower death metal type approach to the delivery. The riffs continue from there and have a really nice, older Darkthrone “Soulside Journey” feel to them. Some of you may not hear it right off the bat but if you listen close it is unmistakable.I know I mentioned Opeth earlier and will mention them again here as, during the midst of all this musical diversity, There is also a strong Opeth “My Arms, Your Hearse” thing happening here. These guys really throw everything into the melting pot. To me it seems to go back and forth. Black metal riffing with a death metal approach and death metal riffing with a black metal approach.

The band is quite interchangeable here and it really works awesomely with the given material. The solos are played with a pristine preciseness that seems to stand out from, yet blends very well with, all the other aspects of the music. The drumming isn't your typical black metal style drumming. Just as diverse as the guitar work, the drums vary in temp from slow to mid-paced in some parts to just absolute total annihilation in other parts. There are certain parts of these tracks and almost sound almost doom inspired. The drummer on this album is one of the best I have heard in this particular genre. Relentless and unwavering on every track. The vocal patterns here vary from the typical mid-range black metal style vocal all the way to low growling death metal type vocals. I just cannot get over the versatility on this first disc. They did an excellent job. Aside from the already mentioned influence, add to those: Marduk, Immortal, Morbid Angel, and Death. Now you have an understanding of why labeling this release a black metal release does not do it justice.

Disc 2: For Those Who Leave and Find Better Devils
The acoustic disc of this album is just as amazing as the heavier disc. Beginning with the fact that there is definitely a folkish influence right from the beginning. The opening track reminded me a lot of Anathema. Can’t really put my finger on it but that’s the band I immediately thought of upon the start of this disc. Also reminiscent of Ulver’s “Kveldssanger” as well as the October Falls “Marras” album, this 2nd disc is almost an ethereal concoction of sonic bliss. On top of all this, let’s throw a bit of Borknagar’s “Origin” release in there too. The keyboard playing here was just the right amount and played at the right level, nothing overwhelming or over-saturated. The added element of a violin in some parts was a nice addition that complimented the core elements very nicely. Not that the first disc didn't have a lot of thought going into it, but this acoustic disc is just unbelievable. Absolutely phenomenal in both construction and delivery.

As much as I loved the 1st disc, I think I love this second disc even more. There is just as much emotion in this disc as the other but coming from a different end of the spectrum. When you want to play or hear this type of music, it doesn't get much better than this. Combining both disc as 1 album was absolutely genius. These guys have a definite classic on their hands and they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are just as good, if not better, than anyone else playing this type of music. If you like the above mentioned bands, I am not going to tell you that you need to get this, I am going to say that you must get this. An awesome listen from the 1st track of the 1st disc to the last track of the 2nd disc. These guys knocked it out of the park with this album!
Michael Blanchard
Shards of Humanity- Fractured Frequencies
Memphis, Tennessee’s Shards Of Humanity make a triumphant return to the depths of the underground with the masterful "Fractured Frequencies" debut full-length. Heavily influenced by late 80’s and early 90’s thrash and death metal, these guys proceed to just rip everything to shreds. There is absolutely nothing compromising about this release. Everything from the song structure to the production is absolutely flawless. Also, once again, Unspeakable Axe Records has hit one out of the park with this release. This label knows the real deal when it comes to metal and this CD is a damn fine example of the prestige and pride that goes into making a true masterpiece that every metal head should have in their collection.

The riffs are not real technical, yet not all that simplistic either. In the opening song it’s like a mixture of Slayer’s "South of Heaven" album as well as a touch of Atrocity’s "Hallucinations". Most noticeably the song 'Deep In Your Subconscious'. Other noticeable vibes are from bands such as Sinister, Incubus, and Sadus. The sheer brutality of these riffs is a tad bit muddy and borders the death/thrash genres back and forth through the whole CD. Just when you point out one thing the band switches it up. It basically sounds like an army of soldiers sludging and marching their way across a battlefield mowing down everything in their path with an uncompromising mindset. Surrounding the enemy on every side with nothing but these low chainsaw type riffs filling their ears until every head explodes! And then here come more vibes in the vein of Sodom, Dark Angel, Cyclone, Autopsy, and a thrashier version of Carcass. This is some serious metal here and these guys are coming at you from every angle that they can. You can either submit to this awesomeness or become collateral damage!

The drums on this album are mixed at nothing less than the level of perfection. No hollow sounding snares and I seriously doubt there are triggers either. Even if there are, it doesn’t really matter. With everything going on in these tracks, it’s just a minute aspect that doesn’t diminish anything on this recording in the slightest. Reminiscent of drummers like Gene Hoglan, Donald Tardy, Mike Browning, and Chris Reifert, this guy pounds the skins like there’s no tomorrow and could definitely hold his own with any of the above named artists. The proficiency in the drum work is awesome to say the least. There have been several underground drummers that have gone on to do drum work for big name bands while remaining true to the metal arts and I would say it’s safe to bet that this guy could do the same. Mid tempo to slow tempo and back again, everything is covered here with an undying passion and love for this musical style.

I really can’t put my finger on it, but for some reason the vocals on this CD remind me of those on Thanatos "Emerging From The Netherworlds". That with a slight mixture of Obituary. A very nice choice of vocal patterns for this release. Not too much deviation where the vocals are concerned and normally that would be annoying but it really works for the best here. Every piece of the puzzle fits flawlessly and I could not find one error with this album. Well, maybe just one. It just wasn’t long enough! I highly recommend this CD to any and everyone. It is just simply so painstakingly brutal, it will infect your ears and then your brain until you can think of nothing else but playing this album again and again. I know that it will have a lot of time in my stereo. I also want to give even more respect and love to Unspeakable Axe Records for signing this band and releasing this record. Contact them and get this CD!
Michael Blanchard
Nostalgie Depression- 'November Moon' album review

Nostalgie Depression is a depressive black metal band from Santiago, Chile, founded in 2012 by Adramelejch, who performs all instruments except vocals, employing session vocalist Satanic Tony for this album. ‘November Moon’ is the band’s second 2014 release, and as a fan of depressive black metal, I found it a bit of a disappointment.

‘Dark Moon, Frozen Blood and Black Feelings’ opens the release with atmospheric clean guitar and keyboard layers, creating a sad, cold atmosphere which sets the tone for the album. This serves as an intro for the title track, which was the worst track on the album for me and gave a bad first impression for the rest of it. It begins with sinister power chords and raspy vocals that are reminiscent of Silencer’s style, but the guitar tone quickly changes from a low, doomy tone to a tinny, badly produced sound, which is jarring. Personally I would prefer the vocals to be more forceful, as they mainly consist of weak, distorted spoken word, but they convey the necessary sense of despair. However, the main thing that I dislike about this song is the fact that it plagiarises riffs from ‘Black Spell of Destruction’ by Burzum with a certain clean guitar section, and then follows with two riffs from ‘Freezing Moon’ by Mayhem as well as a solo which is very similar to the same song. The solo is extended, but the original parts sound sloppy and out of key. I don’t know whether this track is intended to be a ‘tribute’ to Mayhem and Burzum, but it hasn’t been explicitly stated that it is.

‘The Darkest Domain’ contains some natural sound effects and a basic piano/keyboard melody that acts as an intro to ‘The Kingdom of Sorrow’, which is a much stronger track. Melancholic, distorted chords and anguished yells are used to good effect, as well as cold, repetitive riffs and varied drum beats, including both slow, lethargic playing and fast blasting. The bass is also more prominent, adding to the oppressive atmosphere. ‘Necromysist’ carries on in the same vein, another stronger track with bleak, melancholic and sinister riffs. Another improvement upon the title track.

‘Blood Baptism’ is another song that lets the album down. This creates a -total change in atmosphere; it seems like the band was attempting something similar to the instrumentals on early Cradle of Filth albums, but unfortunately failed in this. The atmosphere created is often more reminiscent of the playful ambience of Disney films. There are also some timing issues, and overall it seems as if this track would have been best left off the release.

‘Broken Memories of Nostalgia’ is another much stronger track, with the melancholic riffs being reminiscent of Nocturnal Depression’s repetitive acoustic sections. This was probably my favourite song on the album, with a great lead guitar tone and melodies, and effective wailing vocals. The album ends with ‘Lords of Darkness’, a repeat of the previous track but with an added ambient intro. I felt this was unnecessary.

Nostalgie Depression have the potential to be a good band, but I would recommend that they stick to writing their own riffs rather than playing Mayhem’s and Burzum’s, be a bit more creative/careful with the atmosphere of their instrumentals, and work on their vocal delivery and guitar solos.



-Matt Hughes
Mordbrand release Imago Michael Blanchard

Sweden’s Mordbrand return with an album that is thick with unadulterated brutality such so that it will certainly rape your ears of all remaining auditory innocence. “Imago” is the first full-length from this band, but they are certainly no strangers to the world of underground metal. The 9 tunes on this CD, without a doubt, showcase the band’s talents in a light that reveals little doubt of the band’s untapped potential. This album will definitely appeal to every fan of the typical Swedish death metal sound, but there is nothing at all typical about this release. Meaning “arson” in Swedish, Mordbrand are here to set fire to the world of underground death metal and burn down any obstacles that might be in their way.

One thing that strikes me about this CD is the thickness and heaviness of the sound. You usually do not find such thickness in bands like this. This is a “vibe” that is reserved more for bands that play such forms of music as stoner rock and doom metal. However, that feel and vibe is unmistakable here. You can just feel it oozing with such an infectious attitude all the way from the riffs down to the vocals. No doubt the production had something to do with it, but you can tell by the sound of the instruments themselves. It’s a vibe that goes so much deeper than just the applied production values, which I might add are top notch. The riffs have that undeniable “bite” to them but seem to be tuned a tad bit lower as compared to other Swedish bands playing similar music such as older Necrophobic, Dismember, older Entombed, and Unleashed. To go along with the fore-mentioned bite of the riffs is a feeling of murkiness or muddiness that is applied well and sets the band apart from others playing the same type of music. Drawn-out when needed and agonistic with the foreboding feeling of death and doom, the riffs on this album are nothing less than the blueprint for the next generation of Swedish death metal bands. Yes, the influences are there and right in your face, but the band proceeds to shove these riffs right down your throat with a special touch that will no doubt make them influential for years to come.

The solos are classically unrelenting and filled with just as much infectious dread ad the riffs themselves. They really show the talent and style that has become a staple of Swedish death metal over the years. The biggest influence as far as the solos are concerned is Dismember but there are also some elements of a Grave vibe happening as well. Presented and displayed in a classical way, the will definitely take you back to the old school a bit, but with a fresh twist they are ready to take you into the future of this undeniable art and show you the path on which they are headed. I can tell you from the first listen of this CD that that path is definitely a good one. Very well grounded in technical ability, yet more than able and willing to forgo the technical route for a more simplistic yet mind-blowing, competition-destructing delivery. The guitars aren’t the only aspect of the music where the band adds their own little touch.

The drum work on this CD is nothing less than absolute talent. This is one of the few albums where the material displayed purely showcases the drummer’s talent without the use of triggering. If I am wrong and there is triggering going on here, I sure as hell can’t notice it. When most bands are now applying the use of triggers in their music, Mordbrand seems to go in the completely opposite direction, showing and proving that the double bass doesn’t need to be a million beats a minute. Whereas the guitars employ a more modern yet classical approach, the drums employ that same classical approach in theory and delivery. When these 2 elements are placed together along with a deep rattling bass and vocals that can stand the test of time against any Swedish death metal vocalist to have ever done this, Mordbrand have blended the old school and the new school almost seamlessly. I just don’t see how this album could disappoint anyone. It’s not all that complex but it is just brutal as hell and is more than satisfactory containing the necessary elements for an instant death metal classic.
Michael Blanchard

Luciferian Insectus-Zal Van Beherit album review

Here is the third masterpiece of (solo artist) Luciferian Insectus. It starts with the intro ``Call to Satan`` and after that the song ``Teeth ov Devil`s Smile Fulfilled`` brings us deeper into Hell... Great raw guitar riffs with melody and variety in the song gives me a good first impression. The song goes from up tempo to fast with slower parts and the opening song is just great. Then we go further into Hell with the fast, but also varied and melodic Dutch titled song ``Baden in de Engelen Bloed (bathe in the angel`s blood), and it seems to be a tradition of Luciferian Insectus to have a Dutch titled song on his albums since his ``The Beckoning Call`` album. It really is a nice black / death metal song! I`m really impressed... Then song 4 ``Praise o`Lord Baphomet`` starts really fast with nice raw guitar riffs and it`s a brutal but varied black / death metal song. Did I say i`m impressed already? What a great black / death metal music on this album so far! Then song 5 ``Ritualistic Demonica`` is the next song and it opens threatening and heavy, and demonic chants praise master Satan I guess. Then again we have another slower song ``Tainted Wing``, in where Luciferian Insectus` talent and quality reveals itself. A heavy melodic and bombastic black / death metal song with nice melodies, and this song might be his break through with the video clip he made for this song, which is posted in SpeedSlaughter magazine... Very nice, and very welcome at this point, so far it was a whirlwind of up tempo and fast black / death metal. Song 7 is ``Anthropophagy`` and we know that`s a song about cannibalism. A rawer, faster, extremer sounding song is what we get with this one, but very varied, melodic and with a acoustic, bombastic part. Then we have song 8, ``Into the Eternal Blackness`` and it opens fast, with nice guitar riffs, it`s melodic and very varied. Slower doomy parts in between and it just sounds heavy. Nice song. Then last song ``Ode to Darkness`` is a melodic black / death metal song, but again, raw and heavy and the album is on repeat, and repeat, and repeat... I`m absolutely sure this is Luciferian Insectus` best album so far. The first two albums are great too, but this one is different, darker, blacker and it`s really a fantastic album... Luciferian Insectus is a very talented but underestimated musician and he absolutely deserves more! Proost to L.I!

10 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper

Gods of War-Tales from the Dark Lands ep review.

Here we have Gods of War, a melodic black/pagan/thrash band from Liverpool, England. The first song is ``Fornost``, a up tempo song with nice catchy guitar riffs, and the tempo is really nice. It makes my head bang, so that`s a good sign. Raw vocals and guitars, it`s melodic but I do like this song. Second song ``Gods of Old`` opens nice, it is a bit more complex, threatening guitar riffs and more varied with faster parts and with a acoustic part and melodic ending. Excellent song. ``Operation Engage`` sounds different than the previous songs, more thrashy guitar riffs, it is a thrash metal song indeed. Great riffs, the tempo is nice, the song is varied and melodic, but raw and faster than previous songs. Last song on this ep is ``Angmar`` and is a melodic black/pagan song, just like the first 2 songs. Nice guitar riffs with nice melodies and a nice up tempo, varied metal song it is. This ep is perfect to play on a viking or pagan feast. Curious to a full length album by this band? Yes, I am!

8,5 of 10 points.
Jack the Rapper
Disinterred-Live at Vlamrock 26-06-2014 (live album)

Here we have a live album of Belgium`s Disinterred, and it starts off with ``Incantation``, a very good opening song and I bet there was a moshpit right away when the band started playing this song. Also next song ``Apocalypse Beckons`` is a great old school death metal song, and there`s absolutely no time to rest for the moshers in the moshpit! Up tempo old school death metal and just a few seconds of rest when ``No Escape`` begins, untill it all goes up tempo again. Song 4 on this live album is ``Severe Annihilation`` and also just fine for a moshpit, however the tempo goes a bit down with the song ``Dies Irea``, a instrumental song. Then again a more up tempo song ``The Promise`` is next. Ha! No rest for the moshers indeed! And if the moshers weren`t tired already, the next song is a song that made the moshers tired. ``Sacrifice`` is a song that opens slow, but goes up tempo after a minute. ``Boundless Cruelty`` is a real up tempo bonebreaker and if this song isn`t, the last song ``Once Bitten`` is for sure a bonebreaker! Up tempo and without any compromises, this band prooves to perform outstanding live on stage! No complains from my side about the live recording, what a enthousiastic, energetic and professional performance of this band! Great live album!

10 of 10 points.
Jack the Rapper
Darkest Era "Severance" review Michael Blanchard

New on the Cruz Del Sur label is that massive cd from Ireland’s Darkest Era entitled “Severance”. While this band is labelled as heavy/celtic folk metal, there is no doubt that they draw from a number of other genres and influences that make this release an absolute necessity in the collection of every metal head out there. Cruz Del Sur has been releasing some really awesome albums as of late and this one is no different. This label is one of the few underground labels that sign bands who actually take pride in their work. That’s exactly what Darkest Era does with this release. From beginning to end, the pride and hard work just simply oozes from the speakers in pure metallic glory. The sounds on this album are of such godliness that has not been heard since the late 80’s and early 90’s.

I usually start off talking about the riffs, but in this case the drum work needs to be spoken of first and foremost and in high regard. Like the pulsing of blood through the veins and heart, the drums on this release are presented in such a deep, bombastic way, you would swear that these tracks become the very beat within your own body that gives you life. Starting out in a typical fashion for this particular genre, the rhythm quickly switches unbelievably into a progressively brutal death metal type beat, then just as quickly as it changed, it changed back. Ranging in styles from the one I just mentioned all the way to classic heavy metal and dare I say even a twinge of doom metal. While the vibe is ever-changing the rhythm continues to pull you in and once this happens, you are at the mercy of the beautiful brutality of this album. The guitars are the same way. The influences are ever so true to form with riffs that tend to stay within the confines of the classical heavy, progressive, and folk type genres, yet are played with such a technical precision that adds an undeniable depth to the material on this album. The solos are extremely passionate almost to an insane degree and there is no doubt that the emotion with which they are played are no doubt the result of the bands pursuit of perfection and love for this form of music.

I just could not get over the genre crossing going on here. It is subtle in some areas and not so subtle in others. This cannot simply be labelled as “folk” metal nor can it be simply labelled as heavy or Celtic. There is just so much going on here with the vibes and the sounds and influences for such a simple description. Imagine if you will the glory of Iron Maiden’s “Seventh Son..”, Candlemass “Epicus…”, Crimson Glory “Transcendence”, and various other bands such as Hammerfall and the like, all wrapped up in a nice little package then someone comes along and shakes the ever-loving hell out of it. That is what you have in this album. Overflowing with passion and artistic display that is more than enough for even the most sophisticated lovers and critics of this type of music, Darkest Era’s “Severance” leaves nothing to miss. Carefully constructed and forged, this album is the sword that the band carry into battle and now that they have done so, victory is a foregone conclusion. This is definitely in my pics for the top 10 underground metal albums for 2014.
Michael Blanchard
Abomnium-Solace for the Condemned review.
This one man black/thrash metal band originates from the U.K. but operates in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The albums starts with the song ``Condemned`` and we have fast, heavy, varied black metal and it`s a party for my ears. Good riffs, pounding fast drums and great vocals. Second song ``Yad al Jauza`` opens a bit calm, and gets real fast with up tempo and varied black metal with thrash metal influences. Nice one. ``Crown of Feathers`` is third song and really up tempo, a neck breaker. Good riffs and it is varied with groovy parts and I like this song. Next song ``The Walking Man`` opens up tempo and it goes faster later on in the song, and is varied with nice riffs and it just sounds good. It has a slower doomy and acoustic part half way the song, really nice. ``Witchlight`` is song 5 and fast played black metal with nice riffs and melodies, and it sounds depressive as well. This song is the best one so far on this album, fast, varied and sounds heavy. Song 6 is ``Paths of the Dead`` and is a bit thrashy I could start a moshpit in my room but yeah I broke too much already so I just keep sitting in my chair and listen to this varied song. Thrashy and heavy guitarriffs and pounding drums and variety make this song a nice one to listen to. ``Purpose of the Flesh`` is song 7 and opens thrashy as well, it`s fast, has nice riffs and is melodic too. Also it has a short blastbeat part, awesome. ``Solace`` is song 8 and the last one on this album. It is fast played black metal, with nice guitarriffs, melody and heavy thrashy parts, this song is really great and the best one on this album. Save the best for last I guess, mister Sapient? The vocals in all songs sound great and the production is really good. A very nice varied black/thrash metal album this is!

10 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper
Review of Xarkrinur-Dark Rituals
This is a one man black metal band from Bangladesh. It sounds like a drum machine and computer generated guitar is used and has a low-fi soundquality. It does sound dark and depressive, and the opening song ``Forest of Mist`` sounds nice though. Nice riffs, and fast drums and it has variety. I go get a torch right now because I don`t see a thing in the mist. Oh it are some potheads smoking a joint in the woods, it`s no mist. Second song ``When Angels Cry`` sounds depressive and makes me cry too. Monotonous, slow and with repeated riffs. Third song is ``Dark Ritual`` and is fast played black metal like the first song. It has some slower parts and it really sounds evil. Creaky black metal vocals and this song sounds ok. Last song is ``Screams of Darkness`` and is slow and barely has variety just as the second song. I`m going to get earplugs, I don`t like dark screams. Not really my cup of tea, this one. This mini album is not good, and not bad, I just hope this artist uses a real guitar on his next release.

5,5 of 10 points

Jack the Rapper.

Review Sviatibor-From Yav to Nav
This is the first full length album of Sviatibor, a one man pagan black metal band from France. We have a instrumental song 1 ``Introduction - My Kolovrat Is Shining``, which is ok but a bit too long. After that we have the song ``Lost and Dying in the Forest`` and it sounds depressive and like Burzum. Guitarriffs that are repeated over and over again, but it`s up tempo and varied with ambient parts. A nice one. Third song ``Above Blackened Skies`` opens with a acoustic guitarpart and bursts out in fast played black metal with variety, slower doomy parts follow up and this song reminds me a bit of the black metal of early Ulver. Song 4 is ``Darkness Phenomenon`` and it sounds depressive like old Burzum. Guitarriffs that are repeated over and over again, a slower black metal song with atmosphere. Nice. Song 5 is ``The Heritage`` and it`s a voice talking with echoing bang sounds in the background. I have no clue what`s it doing in the middle of this album, it sounds like a intro or outro. ``Battle for the Gods`` is song 6, and it`s atmospheric black metal like old Ulver and Burzum. A slower black metal song it is and it sounds depressive as well. Then song 7, ``The Frozen Tree`` has acoustic guitar, a voice talking and it is not my cup of tea. ``Loss Apogee``is song 8, and has a ambient opening. But we don`t have to wait long before we hear black metal that sounds like old Ulver and Burzum, with atmosphere and variety and I really do like this song. ``Irremediable Tristis (Praying Perun)`` is song 9 and it`s a instrumental song. It sounds depressive and it`s a slow atmospheric black metal song with repeated guitarriffs and it`s a bit too long and gets boring after 2 minutes. Song 10 is ``The Darkest Winter`` and it also is influenced by old Burzum and it sounds very depressive and there`s no variation. The song ends with a long ambient part. ``After the Great Coldness - Outro`` is a ambient song, and also not my cup of tea. The best song on this album is ``Lost and Dying in the Forest`` to my opinion. The sound of this album is really good, it`s well produced and for black metal fans that like old Burzum and old Ulver, and bands as like The End. A bit more variety in the songs would have made this album way better, but that`s just my opinion. The artwork is really great!
7 points of 10
Jack the Rapper.

Here is my long awaited review of the ``White Lotus`` album of the band The End. A quite hard one to review for me, i`m not into ambient music... But here we go. Song 1 , ``Across the Ocean`` is a song that opens with ambient music and clean, opera like vocals, and up tempo black metal fades in. Nice guitar riffs and it all sounds good to me. Song 2 is ``UrbaNausea`` (feat B.M.) and also this song opens with ambient music that continues during the song, in where up tempo black metal is combined with ambient music, with great guitar riffs. Also a acoustic part and female vocals in the end and up tempo black metal again. Very varied music I say with nice guitar riffs. Song 3 is ``White Lotus`` and it also starts with ambient music that turns into up tempo black metal, combined with atmospheric ambient music and female whispering, a very varied song. Song 4 is ``Drown with a Sunshine Smile`` (feat. S.T.N.) and also this song is ambient, combined with up tempo, fast black metal. Very varied music of this band from India, and to get a grip on this complicated music, it`s necessary to listen to this album more than once. Quite unique ambient black metal music to my opinion.

9 of 10 points.

Jack the Rapper.

The Aura of Purified Hatred
Plagues of Rhyzyktus / Tenebastulum
The Miami metal scene has been churning out a lot of bands recently. While there are many good bands, many also become popular because they're friends with the right people as opposed to having actual talent. I purchased this album by chance due to two reasons. The first reason was because I've always found one man bands intriguing. Secondly, Lord Necroplague's genuinely reclusive nature is a 180 from the "who you know" mentality in the local Miami scene lately, which also caught my attention. Well, there's two bands on here, so let's cut to the chase.

Plagues Of Rhyzyktus is a merciless onslaught. The band plays modern death metal with OSDM aesthetics. Their sound in my opinion is akin to bands like Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Nile, and Insision. Blazing fast tempos with good strong riffs, blast beats, very down tuned guitars (possibly 7 string?), and deep powerful growls from start to finish. The solos were pretty mediocre and a drums were a bit up in the mix are my only real gripes. They tend to change tempos quite a bit, which helps stop the music from being redundant. Each song seems to have its own identity, which helps this band stand out as well. Their Dismember cover of Skinfather is also pretty fucking brutal, paying homage to one of the forefathers of Swedish death metal. I really enjoyed this band.

Tenebastulum for me wasn't necessarily bad. Their take on raw Scandinavian style black metal had some bone chilling raw riffs (think early Dark Funeral and Immortal) and a legitimate feeling of anger, grief, and sorrow is conveyed well. However, they come off being a bit too generic for my taste. Plus, the production on this band was pretty crappy. The drums were pretty unimaginative as well. While I give the guy credit for doing a 6 minute blast beat on one song, some more fills and cymbals might have helped break the monotony a little bit. I found this band to be mediocre, but black metal purists will probably love these guys.

Overall, this is a decent release. You've got one good death metal band and one okay black metal band that cripples the initial impact of the former. Recommended for fans of any of the aforementioned bands.
Upon Judas' Throne
Whore of Bethlehem

They Are Upon the Throne! - 100%
Akerthorpe, January 18th, 2015
From the state of Texas in the United States is Whore of Bethlehem and their debut full-length, regurgitated from the depths of hell, makes a strong statement that these guys are sick and disgusted and they don't give a damn who knows it. Despite a few minor issues, mostly in the layout and color scheme department, this was a sheer slab of seething hatred from beginning to end. I'll get these minor issues out of the way now. The cover of this CD is the typical type of cover you would find for a band such as this although there wasn't much color to it which didn't impress me a whole lot. Even so, it was still a fairly cool looking cover for what it was. What was absolutely annoying as all hell was the fact that on the inside of the booklet the color scheme of the background and the lyrics is all messed up. That combine with the fact that the lyrics are printed so small, it made them extremely unreadable. So as I see it the band, or whoever was in control of the cover, layout and color schemes, really screwed things up. Enough about that. Let's get on to the good stuff!

As for the music on this release, it is unbelievably sharp and crystal clear, both in presentation and production. the riffs here are absolutely phenomenal! I immediately was taken back to the days of Morbid Angel's "Domination" release. I mean its right in your face from the first note. Usually bands build up to a point, but these guys go all out from the get go. On top of the Morbid Angel influence, you can also pic up on a vibe in the tone that is reminiscent of that on Cannibal Corpses "Tomb of the Mutilated". In some places these riffs are filled with so much agony, as if you can feel the equality of passion and effort put into the guitar work of this material. This is 100% pure, unadulterated, absolute death metal the way it should be played. Along with that, the band also incorporates a well used thrash influence and an a slight black metal influence where needed, although this aspect of the music is so brutal you really don't need anything to carry it along for it does just fine on it's own. The solos on this release are slightly intricate but not to an insane degree and the band could not have done better on the placement of said solos. My highest respects go out to the guitarists for the work put into this release. this is some of the finest shredding I heard in the year 2014.

The drum work on this release was equally as impressive. I have not heard a drummer like this, in ages, who sounds this brutal who doesn't incorporate any other influences or styles outside of the genre of death/black metal. I could hear no thrash or progressive metal influences, but I tell you now this guy is so brutal in his delivery that he doesn't need any other vibes or influences. Usually I can pick these things out pretty well and when you hear this CD you will totally understand why this band doesn't need any fillers or unnecessary influences clogging up the delivery of their material. If you could imagine what it would be like if Marduk played death metal, this is probably what it would sound like. The vocals were typical of this genre ranging from low growls to mid-range screams, but are well placed and delivered on this CD complimenting the music perfectly. Dare I say the two patterns together give a gore grind type of feel to the vocal delivery kind of like what you would hear in early Carcass of Haemorrhage. Trust me on this, when you put all of these elements together, you have one hell of a release. All fans of the black/death genre definitely need to get this release. It will satisfy even the most meticulous metal head who is extremely picky on what he/she listens to. One of the best underground releases of 2014!