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Speedslaughter Productions

About Speed
Jack the Rapper: I try to make a ``fun and pleasant to read webzine`` with fair reviews and articles, and some goofy stuff from time to time, about metal, movies, and more things that got our interest. With good friends of mine; Arinne, Sturmgeist, Razakel and Hannah, I try to realize that. And for the ones that want to join SpeedSlaughter, you`re welcome, just let me know what you want to do for the magazine. No NSBM or Nazi figures... And I don't want to be added in groups.

Feel free to send material or links of your band for a review. But remember we do this in our spare time, and when we want to.

I am a recording artist and am in the following projects; Penis Christ, Lepra, Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors and ReakThor.

About SpeedSlaughter Productions; it`s for bands that have difficulties in finding a record label, or are dropped by a label or simply, just can`t find one.

I will produce the cd`s (cd-r with printed cd label and printed sleeve, in slim case) for the band, and a befriended distro, Zwaertgevegt label/distro, will help me selling the cd`s. Promotion is also important, you can promote your releases yourself of course, but SpeedSlaughter has it's own magazine, soundcloud and YouTube channel to promote the SpeedSlaughter releases. I don`t spread promo`s or samplers for free. Each band on SpeedSlaughter gets a free copy of their release (NOT each bandmember, but 1 copy a band, to be clear about it). And the cd's can be produced immediately (if there's no technical problem) and unlimited!

So all you have to do, after your agreement with me, Jack, is send me your music (mp3 or wave files only!) which are ready to make a cd out of it. And your artwork in 12x12cm or 12x24cm format for a 1 or 2 page booklet. But be sure the recordings you want on cd, are ready! Zwaertgevegt Label/Distro helps SpeedSlaughter to sell the cd`s.

My terms for releases on SpeedSlaughter Productions:

ONLY this befriended distro, will sell the cd`s, NO OTHER distro but Zwaertgevegt label/distro has got my permission to sell releases of SpeedSlaughter Productions yet! http://www.facebook.com/zwaertgevegt.label /http://zwaertgevegt.blogspot.nl/

Money goes to the band, if cd`s are sold, and I take my fair share for my services, and to cover my costs.

Also the bands are free to look for other distro`s, if bands release the cd`s themselves. Even when their cd`s are released by SpeedSlaughter. But if self released, or by other label, the name SpeedSlaughter cannot be on the product.

It is fair to tell me about it if you have plans to look for more labels or distro`s to release and sell your album(s) at, before you ask me to release your album(s). Also talking negatively about SpeedSlaughter or Zwaertgevegt, or being rude, can result in dismissal from the SpeedSlaughter label and magazine.

If the band decides to use other distro`s or other label(s) beside Zwaertgevegt & SpeedSlaughter Productions, WE are not responsible if troubles occur with those others. SpeedSlaughter nor Zwaertgevegt, will interfere, if so. We will keep selling your cd`s `till they are sold out, even after the band is signed by another label without my knowledge.

About Arinne: I am Arinne I dont fit into a neatly packaged stereo type I am simply Arinne. I'm 29 years old and female, I'm a lady but if need be can handle my own. I am a fan of music, I dont care for subgenre names its music enough said. I am into beauty and fashions but not that of the mainstream stuff, I am found of the darkly lovely fashions.
I am quite fond of reading, manga, and anime as well.

About Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: I am Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus from Stratford Upon Avon (the home of William Shakespeare) United Kingdom. I am someone of many interests such as metal (my favourite being black metal), movies, mainly horror though, serial killers, porn, the modeling industry and second world war history to name a few things. I am a proud and open satanist. I have a few bands of my own being Mundus, S.F.I Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus (solo project) and Suffering.
I review movies, albums, live shows and other things I like.

About Ràzakél: Hi,Im not great at writing about myself, so lets keep it simple
'I am Razakel, musician from the desolate depths of Newark, UK.
I specialise in the fields of death metal, grindcore/gore, Doom/gothic metal, but more so in the various genres/sub genres of black metal. I am heavily located within the Live black metal scene that is ever growing in the Uk, with my long term band Baalberith. But have various studio projects such as Demoniacal and Razakel krieg, also i offer my vocals up for collabs etc.