Speedslaughter Productions

Feel free to send material or links of your band for a review in our magazine. But remember we do this in our spare time, and when we want to.

We also like to post advertisements for other companies, and other labels or (non SpeedSlaughter) bands for a small fee.

About SpeedSlaughter Productions;
it`s for (beginning) bands that have difficulties in finding a record label, or are dropped by a label or simply, just can`t find one.

SpeedSlaughter produces the pro cd`s. For the moment it are cd-r cd`s with a printed cd label and printed colour or black and white sleeve, in a slim case.

SpeedSlaughter and our befriended distro, Zwaertgevegt label/distro, distributes and sell the cd`s. We also have a bandcamp page, and your digital album will be sold there as well, that is required.

Also we have contacts with graphic designers and artwork artists, if you need a logo or artwork, we`ll try to help with that.

SpeedSlaughter doesn`t do contracts (yet). But a confirmation that you agree to a publication is binding. Each band can get a free copy of their album.

Zwaertgevegt is our official partner:

Our bandcamppage:
Our SoundCloud page:
Our YouTube page:

If enough physical albums and digital albums are sold through the distro, and through the SpeedSlaughter bandcamp, money goes to the band. SpeedSlaughter does take their fair share for their services, and to cover own costs.

A song of your release will be used for SpeedSlaughter compilation albums, but no money can be claimed for that. It is to finance the label and promotional activities plus our own costs. Merchandise like shirts is optional, but we do it our way or not at all.

So all you have to do, after the agreement with SpeedSlaughter, is: Send your music (mp3 or wave files only!) which are ready to create a cd out of. Be sure the music and artwork is ready and done, once published changes can`t be made. Artwork has to be in 12x12cm or 12x24cm format for a 1 or 2 page booklet.

A warning;
If the band decides to use other distro`s or other label(s) besides Zwaertgevegt & SpeedSlaughter Productions, WE are not responsible if troubles occur. Permission has to be asked to us if you want to publish through another label though.

We prefer to publish music that has not been published before. If your album is published by another label before, or is availalble on any other source (Bandcamp etc.) we do not publish your album.

The copyrights are of SpeedSlaughter Productions.

Ask Jack about it if you`re interested or have other questions about this.

Policy date 10-02-2015